10 Most Mysterious Places of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with a thousand-year history which can surprise not only with extraordinary landscapes but also with terrible places shrouded in mysticism and secrets. Most residents of Ukraine do not even suspect the existence of such places, and those who have visited them tell frightening stories. We offer […]

How Actual Travel is better than Virtual Traveling?

Will virtual traveling satisfy you like actual traveling? When you see a beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower on Instagram, it will give you a visual treat, but not mental satisfaction. That is the exact difference between the reel and real life. Experiencing, exploring and discovering are different feelings altogether. […]

Best Treks in Thailand for Adventure Lovers:

Thailand is a diverse country featuring beautiful beaches, stunning panoramas, towering mountains, and pristine rainforests. Although the beaches are more famous here still this Asian country is also home to many beautiful trekking trails. Yes, every part of Thailand offers some of the other trekking routes to the adventure lovers […]

Best Ayurvedic Spa Resorts in Kerala

The chain of brackish lagoons and canals that link the five large lakes of Kerala form a network spreading across 900kilometers in Kerala. The stunning backwaters, scenic villages, tea gardens, music, and the natural vegetation of Kerala make for an exemplary itinerary. And amidst it, one of the finest experiences […]

How to enjoy Bhutan in a budget?

Bhutan the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ is a real paradise, where growth is judged on the basis of happiness, not money. Lots of travelers visit Bhutan every year to enjoy the serenity of nature and the rich Buddhist culture. It’s not that easy to enter Bhutan as it seems because […]