8 Crucial Sushi Rules You Must Know

Top-drawer sushi joints are fiercely proud of the freshness of their fish and the painstaking preparation of their sushi rice. The least you can do is eat it properly. (And then ruthlessly mock those who don’t, of course.) So we enlisted the expertise of Chef Masa Miyake—Portland, Maine-based James Beard […]

How should cross-training shoes fit

The art of cross-training Cross-training has been the latest trend in the gyms across the nation that makes more people engaging to exercise than ever before. This type of exercise combines both aerobic and anaerobic training that is adequate for all kinds of athletes. It is required though to have […]

What are the best shoes for zumba

Zumba has been taking the markets by storm Today there is a clear preference of the younger audience for active dancing and especially the one that can be combined with aerobic training. This is the zumba dancing and is being performed by multiple people dancing as a team following a […]