The Effects Of Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking During Pregnancy Effects

If you are a new mother of an unborn child and you smoke, this would be one of the best times to quit. One of the main reasons for this mother to quit is because not only is the mother smoking but so is your unborn child. This unborn child can and probably will be born with the same problems that a person that has smoked all of their lives will have. But this child’s problems with their health will most likely hit them at a younger age even if they never smoke a day in their young lives.

Smoking cigarettes or even cigars aren’t good for us anyway, but even you need to know that smoking while you’re pregnant is worse. Anything that you do while you are pregnant can be subjected to this unborn child, be it overeating, smoking, drinking, and, oh yes, doing drugs. All of these will go through your blood system into the baby’s blood system and affect this child.

Most of the time after this child is born and they grow up, they will have the genes in their bodies to like the taste or feel of whatever they try, be it the drugs, smoking or even the overeating. They will have the health that an older person has, such as lung problems, obesity, drug additions, and maybe some that we as adults haven’t even heard of yet.

If you can stop smoking while you are carrying this child, then you might as well stay off of the cigarettes and quit them for the rest of your life. I know that it is one of the hardest things to do, but it is best for both of you. Your child will love you either way but sometimes the bond between mother and child will become stronger when the mother does this for the main concern of the health and welfare of the child.

When you find out that you are expecting and you go to the doctor and you smoke, he can give you some good advice. When he gives you this advice you might want to really listen. He will probably tell you to not quit cold turkey as this isn’t good for the child, but to slow down gradually so as not to cause the child to be born with a nervous disorder. This is why this doctor will tell you to quit slowly.

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