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Fondant Experts

When working with fondant Los Angeles experts have some tips to make the job easier. If you notice bakers on television have almost all turned to use this product. There is a good reason for this. It is smooth and gives a beautiful surface for decorating any cake.

Do not try to apply it to the dessert before the dessert is iced. Anyone who is a fan of baking shows will often hear the baker speak of dirty icing a cake. That is what you will be doing when you ice the cake first. The reason for this is to keep any darker colored cake or crumbs from showing through the finished product. Do not skip this step, or you will see every tiny flaw and your cake will not have the smooth, flawless look that you want.

Kneading is necessary. Grease your hands and the surface that you will be working on to keep it from sticking. You should knead for no less than 8-10 minutes. You know it is done when the texture is smooth and not at all sticky. When making your own allow for curing time. This will be at least eight hours. Some cooks prefer 24 hours of curing time before rolling.

If you will not be tinting and want the color to remain a pure white, make sure any flavoring that you add is white. Many vanillas are a brown color. This will impact the white and make it an off white. If you want to use vanilla, look for clear vanilla. There are of course many other flavors that can be used. Almond, mint, lemon, and orange are a few. Choose something that will compliment the cake’s flavor.

When covering your cake begins at the top. Smooth it using a smoother specifically made for working with this product. You can buy them wherever you buy cake supplies. Once the top is smooth, you can work on the sides. Smooth the sides down and cut off the excess. Work quickly as the excess can weigh the cake down and cause tearing.

If you see any cracks they can be easily fixed. Use vegetable shortening to smooth the cracks. Work in circles. Do not rub up and down. Make gentle circles until the crack is fixed. By remembering these tips for fondant Los Angeles experts hope that more people will discover how easy it is to make beautiful cakes with this versatile product.

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