Best Watch Brands You Have To Know

Have you ever found yourself in a watch shop and you are confused about what type of watch brand you should buy? It severally happens and when that happens people usually research the best brands to buy. We have done our research and have come up with the top brands of watches in the market today.

Lange & Sohne

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Similar to most of the companies listed in this article, this brand is very old. It has been in existence since 1845 in Germany and since we all know old is gold, you can tell. During the early part of 2019, there is a watch made up of a steel case that rose up and apparently was the most expensive watch that has been sold since the early periods. The watch went for £672,000. It was sold in Philips. 

The person behind this watch, Walter, died two years ago with 92 years. He had built his family firm due to the reunification that had occurred in one of the countries in the USA. Such watches are now bought on special occasions only. It has a mechanism that is very complex and it has more than 567 components.


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AlpinerX was recently launched by Alpina through Kickstarter and in three weeks, they raised more than £1 million. The main purpose of the campaign was however to provide a modern view on an inclusive design philosophy which was first used by the bran in 1903. This was the year when they first inquired on the feedback of the sellers after they were ready to sell the new models.

In your watch shopping process, you will find that it is designed for outdoor activities. Data is interpreted by the help of a crown. On occasions in which the app is paired together, it can instruct a tutor to give advice on how to improve performance.

Audemars Piguet

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Royal Oak is the world’s first watch in the world to have a steel case and it was launched in 1972. This is one of the reasons why the brand experienced around 40,000 annual sales. Its success has made it possible for AP to sponsor the top golfers. The AP has also supported the international art scene and nature conservation and keep some aside for its museum in Valee de Joux. 

In 1993, one of the young designers, Emmanuel, upsized the Royal Oak and was charged. As a result of this, there came into existence a chronograph watch which is 42mm wide.


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This is one of those well-made pilot-style watches that are inexpensive yet really qualitative. Watches made by Avis-8 are usually outstanding are detailed in a very nice manner and they have the Japanese quartz quality.

The Flyboy Centenary 1920s is similar to the early field wristwatches which were made from models of pocket. Its case which is made of steel is 42mm and consists of a domed crystal shape a Miyata mechanical movement that can easily be seen due to its back which is transparent. The military vibe is enhanced by an RAF style rounded on the crown and a luminous dial wit.

Ball Watch Co

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Similar to most f the watch brands, Ball Watch Co does not feel like it needs to show themselves at Baselworld but instead find it better to tell people about their launches through social media. In autumn this year, it revealed a new, limited edition Fireman Night Train II on Facebook. People that did pre-orders had the opportunity of having their lumen and dial according to the color of choice.

The Engineer Master II Diver TMT is one of the favorite underwater watches which was made in 2018. This was made possible by the orange dial markings and rubber strap. The “TMT” means the thermometer sub-dial which is mostly used to show the temperature of the wearer and not of the atmosphere as expected. 


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This is a Richemont’s all-new watch brand which has nothing to do with Baum and Mercier. It has a mission which is to get millennials due to its low price watches that have their raw materials which are ecofriendly and those which are easily customized to people’s preferences through the web. 

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