Best Android Smartwatches

Are you an Android user? Are you stranded on which android smartwatch is the best for you? This article is meant to guide you through the choosing and buying process. It will also equip you with knowledge of different watches and the features each of them has. Let us now go to the details of each.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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This the overall best watch which android users should go for. It runs pretty well on android devices and has all features concerning fitness. It has a lightweight and has a long-lasting battery. To use the watch, one does not necessarily need to have a Samsung phone. It has a precise touch display which is easy to use and is also fun. The Tizen OG is smooth. Most of the core tenets of applications are present including Spotify, Starve and many more. This can be found from the watch company.

Just like the name suggests, its main function is to track exercises. It has a built-in GPS and automatically tracks workouts, tracks sleep, water, food, and caffeine consumption. Due to the improvement of the running coach, you get access of real-time pace metrics and a rundown of the workout’s expectations before starting. Normally, audio cues that can be heard through the speaker or Bluetooth headphones are received. If you need a watch for notifications, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the one you should go for. Its notification system is perfect and allows one to give a reply using the voice, the keyboard which is built-in or any other method.

Mobvoi’s Ticwatch E2

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This smartwatch has a 1.4-inch display and contains everything a smartwatch should have which are a great response, a perfect battery life, it is waterproof, monitors heart rate, automatically detects workouts and has a battery life of more than one day. It runs under Google’s Wear OS which is said to be perfect for almost everything like support notifications and Google assistant

Most Wear OS does not have features that support fitness, however, the TicWatch E2 has its own TicMotion layer which automatically has detection to workouts, monitors the performance during swimming and gives allowance for stroke analysis. It is not really that stylish or fancy but it is mostly suitable for one who wants utility compared to the beauty and that is why it is cheap ($160).

Skagen Flatter 2

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Ever been in need of a smartwatch that has a simple design, has good quality straps and a finish that is not conspicuous? This is the watch you are in need of. It has a layout that consists of three buttons which are made up of a rotating crown moldings hitch makes it easy for one to scroll through the Wear OS without necessarily having to touch the screen. This is a really great benefit once one starts using it. 

It also comes with a stainless steel body which has very good construction and nice straps which can be in leather, metal or silicone and in a wide range of colors. It also has all the features you would expect a smartwatch to have like waterproof, has a GPS tracker, monitors heart rates, contains NFC and therefore Google play applications and many more features. However, it has some issues with Wear OS and it has its battery lasts for a day despite the high price of $200.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch,  Best Android SmartWatches, SmartWatches

This watch is similar to the Galaxy Watch Active and possesses all its features only that it is larger in size compared to the Galaxy Watch Active. It has a very nice AMOLED screen which is usually available in 42mm or 46mm in size. It has all tracking features like the 24/7 monitoring of heartbeat, GPS, NFC for Samsung Pay and many more features. 

The main difference between the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the watch that has topped this list, the Galaxy Watch Active, is the rotating bezel and the battery which has a larger size and therefore increasing duration. However, it is quite large and cannot really be accessible from a design perspective. It is also of a very high price of $304 at Amazon and $350 at Best Buy.

Listed above are some of the best android watches one can choose from.

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