Top Best Alternatives for Watching Videos With Friends

The is a well-known website for watching videos with your friends and family without meeting them. Its best feature is that you can watch movies together while chatting with each other. But unfortunately, Rabbit has been shut down don’t worry there are many alternatives are available will show you.

What Happened To is not down due to copyright or any legal action. This site is down in May 2019 because of the investors of rabbit video sharing withdraw their money. The concept of the was a group chat with a video stream. This stream is a virtual video of any browser that can share by any user.

This website was one of the most popular groups chatting with video streaming. also has its app that’s function is the same as the website.  Now Rab.bit is more with us but the good news is that below will show alternatives.

1# SynapTop

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First and one of the best sites like on the market right now, SynapTop is headquartered in Pennsylvania and has regaled users over the years with its easy accessibility options. SynapTop works great with all operating systems be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux or Android.

You can access the site via mobile for free and read ebooks, watch movies, or stream music without any lags whatsoever! On the social media front, SynapTop provides real-time collaboration in the form of text messaging and other chatting options.

2# Metastream

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It uses its proprietary technology to bring enhanced live streaming to multiple people and with almost zero latency. Besides that, this website looks absolutely great with on-screen chat, video queuing, and quick user management. Having said that, it does not have popular app features like streaming downloaded media, webcam, and audio support.

Further, it supports all major streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. If you can live with that, this website is an awesome choice for streaming watch parties.

3# Watch2Gether

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The popular web app which lets you stream online videos seamlessly same as Rabbit. Though, this also means, there is no support for streaming services that are hidden behind login like Netflix, Hulu, Prime videos, etc. You don’t even need to register for a new account.

To get started, simply create a temporary room, load the video and share the URL with your friends. The URL will redirect to your temporary room where the video is being played. You can stream videos just by entering the video URL in the search bar.

4# Gaze

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The Best inspired rabbit tv alternative. The gaze is an online video sharing service that allows friends or loved ones to sync their YouTube or local file videos regardless of their distance.

It is a great app for going on video dates without ever having to leave your home. The service is limited to two users at a time and they need to have a webcam and mic.

5# TogetherTube

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TogetherTube is originating from Germany and great alternatives. It works great wonders with many features other than those known. This includes playing and streaming video and listening to audio content. What Together Tube offers is a site that’s designed to accommodate the needs of users in a friendly way.

What’s more? You don’t have to make a search and download before you access those fun content you love. The search feature does that for you. This site boasts of a voting system and a synchronized player to keep its users engaged. If you have a loved one far away, the long-distance relationship feature has your back.

That is a short brief about video-sharing hopes this would help you. All the Rabbit alternatives are working fine you can use them for group video chatting with video streaming.

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