Soccer techniques that any player needs to know

Soccer techniques are one of the important factors that help a player to confirm his ability and experience. Technology is also one of the things that makes this sport more attractive. For the new soccer player, besides physical training, the process of improving skills is also extremely important. It helps you control the ball easier and more confidently in your matches. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce to you 4 simple but very effective techniques for the novice in this field.

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Tapping technique

Each person’s perception of the ball is different, but it can be improved by practicing. Practicing a feeling when the ball touches your feet not only helps you exercise but also helps you perform the movements with the ball more accurately and without being embarrassed.

 Soccer techniques

Tapping is a basic skill that any player needs to know

To increase the feeling about the ball we can apply quite a lot of different ways. In which the basic and easy way to do it raises the ball. There are 2 types of juggle that most people apply. It lifts the ball with the foot and lifts the ball with the thigh. For foot-lift, the ball’s contact position will range from the toes to one-third of the foot.

With the method of lifting the ball with the thigh, you need to use the calf and thigh at a 90-degree angle to lift the ball. The ball touchpoint will be the thigh. Typically, to improve this skill quickly, you need to raise the ball 150 times a day with each method. The process of elevating the ball will be divided into 5 times. You can use a combination of foot and thigh elevation if you feel the skill was good.

Shot skill

The difficulty of shot skill is slightly higher than the difficulty of tapping skill. After you’ve mastered tapping skills, learn how to kick the ball in a certain direction. You must control the direction of the ball. It will take you from 10 to 20 days to practice hard and master this skill. In addition to the accuracy of the direction, you must also practice to shoot the ball stronger and finish as you wish.

 Soccer techniques

You will need a lot of time to practice shooting skills

To perform this skill correctly, you need to follow our sharing below:

– Identify the pivot foot and the kicker right from the start of learning this skill. The kicker foot will usually be the stronger one and it will be easier to control it.

– If the pivot foot is behind the ball, the ball will go up. If the foot of the player is close to the ball, the ball will fly low or just at the knee level. If the pivot foot is in front of the ball, the kick will be reduced and the ball will hit the ground in the wrong direction. Therefore, this angle will be determined by the position of the pivot foot and the path of the ball.

Whether the ball is active or not, in fact, the path of the ball is an imaginary line through the center of the ball. The direction of the kick is also determined by the position of the foot and the knee when your shoe touches the ball. When shooting, the feet and knees of the pivot foot must be directed to the goal.

 Soccer techniques

Shot skills depend a lot on our posture

You can use different parts to shoot the ball, such as the instep, inside the foot, outside the foot, heel, and toes. Usually, the toes are used in situations that the player wants to kick the ball up and into the goal.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the force of soccer. The force to take a shot will depend on what you feel about the ball and your experience. In order to have a strong force, we need to add a long-running farce.

Pretend skills

In addition to real movements, to become a professional player, you also need to equip yourself with unique skills such as pretend skills. This skill is said to be quite effective in situations that we need to avoid an opponent. Many pretend techniques have created the brands of famous players such as Ronaldinho’s Elastico (Flip Flap), rotation of Zidane’s compass…

 Soccer techniques

The pretend technique is a skill for smart and sensitive players

Unlike what we often think, dribbling can be done with both our feet and bodies. You can use your feet, body, hands, head, even eyes to dribble and change direction suddenly, quickly scoring. To do this, you need to master the skills of kicking. You can combine skills such as pushing the ball, keeping the ball, balancing, turning, changing the direction of the ball, intense kicking…. to fool your opponents and quickly win your match.

We need to be proactive and creative, constantly putting our opponents in a situation that they must speculate on our intentions. Let your opponent fall into an unbalanced position while the balance still belongs to you. Sometimes the enemy will open the way for you but be aware because this may be a trap to rob your ball.

Ball control skills

Ball control is a skill that you take the ball from your teammates and controls the ball to continue the game. You can use the sole of the foot, instep, cheek in the foot, outer sole of the foot, heel, the front part of the shin, thigh, abdomen, chest, shoulder, head to receive the ball gently and keep the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

 Soccer techniques

Control the ball – One of the skills that you need to master to score points for your team

The first tip to controlling the ball well is yourself. The player must relax the body and prepare carefully to control the ball. We can pull the ball backward and push the ball towards the coming direction. When you brake the ball in an upright position put your weight on the base pole. While touching the ball, the foot is pulled back slightly to reduce the force of touch.

You should learn how to stop the ball with the inner cheeks of both feet, the tip of the foot pointing straight up, your hands moving freely to keep balance. Look closely at the ball until you can hold it. If the ball is blocked with the outside of the foot, turn the tip of the foot inward.

The important thing to keep the ball good for all the parts is still your feel about the ball. You should slow down the ball. The speed of the ball will stop at a fast or slow speed depending on your braking ability.

Above are 4 basic techniques to improve fastly your playing ability. Before training, choose a suitable ball for yourself. We hope you will persevere with these exercises for the best results!

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