4 Amazing Reasons Why People Should Wear a Sports Watch

Why wear watches in these high-tech times, when you could easily check for the time on your smartphone? Well, what’s nerve-wracking these days is that many folks think that wristwatches are already obsolete, with all that high-technology gear available. However, let me tell you, folks, that sports watches remain very helpful, and truly fashionable, devices. Here are a couple of wonderful reasons why you should continue wearing them.   

They Build-Up Confidence

Just like the soldiers in World War 1 who wore the very first wristwatches to keep tabs of the time while in the battlefields of the Somme in France, or anywhere in the Western Front, today’s watches are worn to provide extra style and confidence.

The main reason why amateur and professional athletes wear sports watches is that apart from helping keep tab of time, or keeping tabs on their performance, is because having one looks just great, and it sends everyone a message that the wearer believes in the value of time, and that they’re confident in the value it represents.

And while owning one may not be a life-changing event, it does tell everyone else that you can lead, because how many folks approach someone wearing a watch to ask for the time? Yes, even during the era of high-tech smartphones, people will still ask for the time, as athletes who train indoors or outdoors will not always have their smartphones nearby. And, professional swimmers obviously can’t tug along their cell phones while driving, or doing the 100-meter freestyle!  

They’re Programmable

While coaches in the sporting world utilize Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint or some other software program to teach their athletes, or to make presentations, the typical athlete, on the other hand, doesn’t use them. But, they can program let’s say an Omega Seamaster Automatic Stainless Steel Sports Watch, to do more than simply wake them up.  

Today, athletes and even plain exercise buffs can program almost any watch, either directly on the timepiece or through a web portal for customizing it. Programming sports watches is not much about the buttons, taps or clicks, but it’s all about the logic behind the programming, training-wise.

They Provide Biofeedback

The upgrades made to today’s sports watches go beyond just the aesthetics. For example, the new, high-tech options include accessing real-time information on how fast or slow you’re moving, or providing information on your heart rate, pulse rate, oxygen levels, and even weather conditions!

According to sports watchmakers and enthusiasts, biofeedback is crucial, as it’s very effective at enhancing athletic performance, as well as quickening the rehabilitation phase, and analyzing strengths and weaknesses.

It’s Practical to Wear One

One of the main issues that makers of sports watches face is how to make their products more convenient and comfortable at the same time. And, another problem is that most wearable timepieces end up compromising results by trying to be too cute or innovative when they simply need to refine.

The good thing is that over the years, or decades, engineers and designers have been given a better grasp of what is possible, of which the result is that they’re now able to provide watch users just what they need.

A sports watch is perhaps the greatest example of practicality because entry-level devices are likely to be water-resistant, provide an easy interface of just a few buttons, and have illumination too. Some sports timepieces are even self-charging, which makes them even better for those who just want the function to always be ready.


Just like fashion watches, most coaches and athletes today look for sporting timepieces that have great design and style and offer various functions too. Yes, form and function are very much related to a sports watch, however, a lot of trade-offs exist.

Like for example, the first consideration would be the size of the watch, as a smaller and simpler device may have little power to collect performance or physiological data, but it won’t interfere with the athlete’s comfort level.   

So, while sporting activities, or any other energetic endeavor, are great for you and your body, they can be life-threatening to the average timepiece. Thank goodness sports watches were made, because the dress watch that your dad or grandpa handed down to you years ago won’t stand in the surf of Cabo San Lucas, or on the rugged terrain of Virgin, Utah!

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