Why shouldn’t you stay in jail for long?

In the US, the number of prisoners is quite high, which you can guess quickly by looking at the number of arrests that happen every day. If you get unlucky on a day and find yourself behind bars, then don’t worry too much. You can come out of jail on bail. If you hire a bail bonds company, you will be able to go home and prepare for defense against you till the next hearing date comes. 

However, you may consider staying behind bars until the next hearing because you don’t have money to clear your bail. But don’t do that. You should talk to a reliable local agent and sign a bail bond. Not trying to come out of jail can prove detrimental for you in many respects. In this article, you will learn about those factors.

Employment loss

Employers cannot take away your job if you are hurt or ill, or you have to attend jury duty. But if you face an arrest and stay in jail, you cannot protect your job. Even laws will also not help you in this matter. Your boss can fire you quickly. Plus, the court may take time to announce its decision as there is no specific rule around the framework suggesting a particular time within which the arraignment should happen. As a result, you may have to spend a few days in jail, and your boss may not be ready to put up with this. 

Psychological impact

It’s common to experience psychological distress during such time. You can witness a few acts of violence that can leave a deep footprint on your mind. Also, the atmosphere of jail can even play you up for several reasons. You may miss the fresh air because of limited or no exposure to the outside world. There will be no privacy as you would be sharing the space with other inmates. Because you have nothing to do, you can get easily bored. Then, you may have to live in the company of a few mentally challenged people.

Mainly, you would not just face isolation but different types of extremely uncomfortable surroundings. You will not be able to reach out to people you share an emotional bond with, such as your partner, kids, parents, etc. So, all of this can be painful.

Physical assaults

Another significant risk of staying in jail is physical suffering. The chances of sexual assaults in prison tend to be high. Studies suggest that nearly 20% of people suffer violence inside the police custody in some form or the other. It is likely also because most of the people in prison are dangerous criminals. Although the police ensure safety for all, you cannot deny the possibility of something going wrong being in such an atmosphere. 

That’s why you should not entertain the idea of remaining behind bars. A bail bond agent can be your savior in the real sense if you don’t wish to face any of those situations. When released on bail, you not only can go back home but also prepare a strong case to save yourself from the accusation.


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