Do You Think You Know Everything About Manchester United?

What is the history of the world’s biggest football club? How does it develop? Who led the team?

Manchester United is known as the most valuable football club on earth planet with more than 1,3 billion dollars estimated. 

The club has been on a long way to settle with this title. They have the most fans, and their name spread all over football lovers and non-football lovers. 

How could they do that? Or, make a more general question, how did Manchester United make their way up astonishingly?

The Logo of Manchester United

How did it develop?

The foundation 

The club was first built in one of the most ancient cities in England- Manchester. At that time, the town was on the way to become the most populated and busiest urban area. That fact, somehow, encouraged merging football clubs.  

In this situation, a football club was founded in 1878, named Newton Health.

Newton Health performed as a conventional football club with no special activities or victory. Until 1892, they stepped in a Football League which was the very first season where they competed with local opponents.

The faith of Newton Health did not brighten up afterward, and it ended up being relegated after two years sneaking into their first show.

Luckily, a group of local business people has taken over the club and gave it another name – Manchester United. Now, a new life got created in 1902.


Ernest Mangnall (1908)

The portrait of Ernest Mangnall

Ernest Mangnall was the first manager, and he did a great job to promote the club.

On his leading path, Manchester United won a title from the English Football League. And that put the whole team in an excellent position for the upcoming FA.

Guess what? At that time, they won their very first trophy. 

Manchester United, since then, started over its career.

Matt Busby (1945)

Matt Busby was one of the best managers that MU had in history. He had vision and strategies to bring the team up to glory. And what the team had gained proved him right. 

In the championship league in 1955-56 and the season in 1956-57, Manchester United kept the trophy. More impressively, the players at that time were 21 years old on average, so people saw them the youngest club football team or Busby Babes.

Alex Ferguson (1986)

Through several terms of ineffective managers, Manchester United has got Alex Ferguson – the best leader of all time.

Alex took difficult first years of his terms then his way of managing became effective. 

The first trophy they won after Alex in charge is in 1990 for FA Cup. And, awards came non-stop in the next 20 years. 

In 27 years in charge, Ferguson led the club to gain 25 trophies and 11 titles of football leagues.

Better than that, in 1988-1989, the team won three championships altogether- FA Cup, UEFA, and Premier League. That was a historic treble that none of the succeeding managers can regain.

In the Ferguson era, Manchester United got the FIFA Club World Cup championship. 

What has it achieved so far?

Red Devils bring its red and white shirts to all tournaments on earth and bring back numerous trophies and titles.

There are big competitions that we wanted to quote here, not all. They once became the champion in FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. 

In the titles that they gained, the most attractive title is that Bobby Charlton to be the top goal scorer of all time.

Which is it a real rival?

Many powerful football clubs in the world have impressive achievement records and excellent players. However, Liverpool is considered the real rival of Manchester United.

MU is on the throne of Europe with a diversity of nationalities and titles. Liverpool, on the other hand, is the best team in England. 

Liverpool has not as many football titles as Manchester United, but they gained more championships. 

These achievements always put the Manchester United in intense guarding attitude toward Liverpool on any competition. 

Marked football players in the team

George Best

He is the best soccer player that MU had had even though he did not get the most goals in history. In entire football career, George Best scored 179 goals in total for MU.

Best passed away at a very young age or he might have contributed more for the club. 

Bobby Charlton

Bobby Charlton created a total of 249 goals for MU. 

This man is a dominant and tactical soccer player that MU ever had. 

He is good at attacking and even better with long-range shots. That’s why his goals were all unbeatable. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo used to be well known all over the world as a player for MU, appearing in some commercial and leaving MU. 

He worked for MU only seven years since from 2003-09, but what he made for the club is unavoidable. In 7 years playing or MU, Ronaldo appeared in 292 games as one of Red Devils, then impressed us with 118 goals.

Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona contributed in 185 games as a player of Red Devils. And during those games, he made 82 goals. 

But, Cantona was only with Manchester United for five seasons. But in these five seasons, he joined hand in winning nine trophies including Premier League titles. 

Denis Law

Law created a statue of a living legend in the Red Devils team although he played for the club just about a decade (1962-1973). 

During that decade, he made 171 goals in total by presenting in 309 games. 

Wrapping ups,

Like any business or team which last for a century, Manchester United also made its steps all over difficulties to reach glory. 

We cannot deny that the victory they have got today were hugely thanked, talented managers and players. 

How they perform on the soccer field and how the boarding team communicates with the world had massively changed Manchester United’s faith. 

Now, looking at Manchester United today, we see a football club with the best teams ready playing for all tournaments and an enormous number of fans all around the world who are always ready to stand up for the club. 

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