7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need to Sleep 8 Hours at Night

Is sleep deprivation a hindrance in an entrepreneur’s journey to attain success? As for anyone, sleep may not be part of success. Sleep is often the first thing that most people give up when they get busy with heavy workloads and uneven work schedules. Entrepreneurs spend an average of 9-12 hours working every day, realizing their overworking struggles and how it damaged the cycle of their sleep.

Unlike many other people, they tend to overlook the importance of their time without considering their health. It’s no wonder that most of the entrepreneurs sacrifice the important matters in their lives; family, social interactions and even their sleep. The effects of sleep on their health and productivity are often underestimated, but sleep deprivation remains a significant risk factor for lower productivity in the workplace, job mistakes, as well as job accidents that cost you serious problems.

As an entrepreneur, particularly as a solo entrepreneur, the success of your business is directly linked to your physical and mental well-being strength. If you are disabled, you can’t be replaced. The outcome can be momentarily or critically devastating for your company. So being successful does not have to rely only on the idea that you must reach your business’ goals or target sales and income, it must be also on how you perceive your health as your greatest asset not only in business but in your life.

Pamper yourself in a nice warm bed with a comfortable bed frame and headboard, and start crediting your body!

Here are the 7 reasons why entrepreneurs need to sleep 8 hours at night:

1. Helps boost your productivity throughout the day

Making your health a top priority should be in your best interests. Whether you are having a big presentation or an important meeting, having a good night’s sleep on your latex mattress can help you stay focused and enhance your productivity — facts most successful businessmen know. The long hours we work, the more we get tired, and the more likely we are to make mistakes. Hence, being exhausted may lead to procrastination and poor job performance.

Research suggests that an average adult should at least get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. It will help you boost your drive to work and keep you alive and energetic throughout the day. Also, being well-rested fights against stress lowers irritability and increases well-being emotions all day long. Think of it as a basis for a day of work when little things are not going to stress you out or bum you out.

2. Enhance creativity and memory performance

If during meetings you nod off, yawning at your desk, or your thoughts are foggy all day long, you won’t be surprised to learn that sleepiness can drastically impact your job performance. When you’re drowsy your brain is not as creative and will not process data as fast, or maintain significant facts as well.

Sleep enables your brain to function correctly. Your brain is preparing for the next day while you’re sleeping. It creates fresh pathways to help you learn, remember data and it also improves problem-solving abilities. 

3. Brings a positive and professional work attitude

You probably understand that sleep greatly affects mood. People who lack sleep may have a problem getting along with others, especially with employees or co-workers. They may feel upset and impulsive, have mood swings, feel sad or depressed, or lack of motivation.

Getting enough rest and sleep helps you improve your mood. Your mind also needs rest to manage stress and daily tasks of your working life.

4. Adequate sleep helps fight work stress

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says it’s just as essential to have enough sleep as eating and exercising right. It both works well in fighting stress and helping your immune system function. Sleep could improve a person’s stress tolerance. “If you sleep better, you can certainly live better.“ says Dr. Raymonde Jean, associate director of critical care and director of sleep medicine at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City.

Furthermore, considering the correct sleeping position can also reduce the effect of stress on your body. Most research suggests that it is better to sleep on your left side as it promotes many health benefits. You may want to check out a few medium firm mattresses for a blissful night’s sleep. 

5. Promotes Safety Work environment 

Sleep plays a very important role in safety. It reduces the risk of accidents that may occur at the workplace or even when you’re driving your way home from work. According to the National Sleep Foundation, Sleepy employees are 70% more likely to be involved in accidents than non-sleepy employees. People are less competent in the workplace setting when they suffer from sleep deprivation. This can lead to hazardous and costly accidents in the workplace. Getting the required hours of sleep prepares the body for physical and mental alertness.

6. Reduce work absenteeism

Sleep deprivation has resulted in declining health among employees, leading them days off at work. Besides, health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, chronic fatigue, and dementia were recorded in staff lacking sufficient sleep. To prevent this fatal diseases it is highly advised that you should sleep for at least 8 hours, it is your body’s way to refresh the internal organs to work properly for the next day. Quality sleep is equivalent to increase a person’s job efficiency across all industries and decreased absenteeism.

7. Boost Self-Confidence

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of self-confidence. But, when you lack sleep, you feel less connected to yourself, to the people around you and even your goals. Sometimes giving up is your only option.

Probably you might not want those hideous circles around your eyes when having a meeting or presentation with your client right? Sleep expert says that getting enough sleep helps brighten up your mood leading you to be more competent and confident.


Since we were kids, we’ve heard about the significance of having a good night’s sleep. At the same moment, however, we hear stories of successful CEOs or entrepreneurs who work on just four to five hours of sleep and try to follow their example by giving up sleep in favor of pursuing achievement. They believe that the more hours they spend working, the more output it will produce.

In reality, getting enough sleep will take you to success. Sleep plays a key role in rejuvenating an individual’s body and supporting an individual’s health. Therefore, as an important factor affecting worker productivity, it should not be ignored. Don’t feel guilty about having time to snooze your way in, instead, believe in all the ways how it can help you accomplish your goals better. Research all you can from the price range to what are the dimensions of a full size bed to make the best choice. It is not a sign of laziness, but you’re prepared to commit yourself to get the rest you need to guarantee good health and success. It is a route to work smarter and more effectively, rather than lengthy, miserable, and unproductive hours.

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