5 Ways Any Man Can Instantly Be More Attractive

There are boundless ways you can become more attractive or draw attention to yourself especially from the opposite sex. I know, even as a man, you must have seen a lot of nice-looking guys before now or even have them as friends. Sometimes, you will be like, “Damn! This guy is cute”.  Yes! , yes! , yes! , he is – he is cute! Have you ever wondered why? In this article, we will show you five amazing ways any man can instantly be more attractive. We know, for sure, that it is practically impossible to control our genetic make-up (at least not yet) but it is very possible to control what we have (our physical traits) to get what we want.

Being attractive is a function of many factors such as personality, style, grooming, etc. Studies have shown that only a few men truly know this or even practice it, thus, we have lesser attractive men around.

Here are five simple ways any man can instantly be more attractive:

1. By Styling Your Hair

It is highly encouraging that will style our hair from time to time so as to look good and radiant. Majority of men nowadays don’t pay the required attention to this, hence, they look unattractive, unkempt, and unpresentable to friends and relatives. The following are the steps you can take to ensure proper styling of your hair:

  • Cut your hair regularly:  Try to visit your barber or any professional stylist often so that he can trim your hair for you without much effort. Depending on the kind of hair you might be trying to grow, if you prefer short hair, try to trim at least every 2 to 3 weeks. Moreover, if you are the type that keeps long hair, you can decide to have it trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Try to wash your hair daily: Experience has shown that proper washing of the hair makes it look more attractive and less dirty. You can do this by buying shampoo or a conditioner that is specifically designed for your hair. 
  • Make use of hair products:  If you have the money, you can buy popular hair products known to sterilize the hair and make it shine. Although this is commonly found in women, men can do it as well. For the hair products, you can try this product men hair gel according to hair type. 

2. By Grooming your body

Grooming is perhaps the most basic and easiest approach to do to be more appealing to people. When you look good, people will consciously or unconsciously move towards you to start a conversation. Below are the things you can add to your daily routine so as to keep good hygiene:

  • Try to shower daily.
  • Use deodorant to keep your body scent in good form after taking your bath.
  • Try to use cologne when you go to the office or party. However, not all colognes are for you. You can find a list of good colognes for men’s here. You can easily choose your choice.
  • Wash your face every morning and night. Try to use face wash according to skin type.
  • Shave your facial hair or if you like, trim them.
  • Clean your nails and trim them.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice in a day.

3. Check your Clothing

Clothe makes the man so they say! The irony is that you don’t have to wear expensively before you can attract people with your dressing. It’s all boils down to these things:

  • Try to wear clothes that fit 
  • Always dress nicely
  • If you want to buy clothes, shop with a friend
  • Determine which color brings out your beauty
  • Separate and keep your best clothes
  • Wash regularly

4. Taking good care of your body

Most men don’t give their body priority and it’s bad! Some don’t even care about their diet, their look, etc.  To overcome all these, practice the following:

  • Eat well and make sure it’s balanced diet: some people are fond of junkie foods and this is not good for their health. 
  • Exercise your body by doing some weightlifting plans
  • Add value to yourself by engaging yourself in intellectual matters and debates.

5. Have an attractive personality and presence

A good personality will definitely draw people to you. When you are friendly to people around you including your neighbors, co-workers, relatives, friends, etc. you are more likely to attract new, new people into your life. Also, an attractive presence will go a long way into drawing people you. To demonstrate these, practice the following:

  • Smile often
  • Practice good posture
  • Make eye contact with people (Don’t be shy!)
  • Be a good conversationalist 
  • Be a gentleman
  • Speak clearly and fluently: Try to be formal when talking to people, do not express yourself in street slangs, it will not make people think highly of you. Additionally, do not rush your words nor mumble when speaking. Pay due attention to the caliber of people you are speaking with. Are they academicians? Politicians? Educators? And so and so on. In doing so, you will get an insight into what to say and not say. 

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