Top 5 Horror Games To Play Now

Are you looking for the best horror gams in the world? This article has some recommended games that you can play every day. These games are very popular for their screenplay and a great story behind these games. Many people are interested in playing any of these horror games in their daily life. You will be able to read a lot of good reviews that are discussing these popular games. These good reviews show the overall reputation of these popular horror games.

1. Silent Hill 2

It is considered as one of the most popular games in the Silent Hill series. The story is all about James Sunderland who travels around the Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife. You are going to act as James, in order to find a lot of mysteries in the Silent Hill area. You are going to meet various characters with their own problems. James is also going to meet some monsters coming from his own subconscious mind. One of the creepiest parts of this game is the dark elements and low visibility in the game. You are going to meet some surprising events and characters when playing this game.

2. Outlast

This is another popular horror game that you can play every day. You will never get bored when playing this horror game. You are going to act as Miles Upshur, in order to start the investigation into the Mount Massive Asylum. You are armed with the video camera only. The character of Miles cannot attack any enemies. Your main goal is to rely on stealth or run away from enemies, in order to stay alive in this game. The only light source for you is the camera’s night vision setting. Outlast has a lot of jumpscares and also gruesome violence acts on the screenplay. You will enjoy your experience when playing this game.

3. Until Dawn

If you want to play the best horror game, you should consider looking at this game. Until Dawn is a popular cinematic horror game that requires you to have your actual personal opinions and also fears. You have to make the right decision that can impact the whole story of this game. You are going to play as 8 different characters. The journey starts from the secluded winter resort where you need to navigate your own way through some dangerous locations. You need to decide the right path for you to escape from the mountain until dawn.

4. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine or BATIM or Bendy is a first-person puzzle action horror video game. This game is a good combination of puzzle-solving, combat, and also environment exploration, in order to help Henry on the journey to the Joey Drew Studios. You will play as a first-person view. Don’t forget to use some melee-based weapons, for example, scythe, plunger, pipe, and also axe. There are some enemies that have different strength levels. Therefore, you have to keep out of reach and also strike the enemies when necessary. This game is very popular for its soundtrack. There are some horror string instruments that are specially used in this game, in order to increase the horror situation inside this game.

5. Dead Space

This game is all about bloodthirsty creatures on the dark abounded starship. You are going to play as an engineer Isaac Clarke. In this game, you are sent to investigate the spaceship. The journey starts when everything begins to go wrong very quickly. You have to act quickly because all of your team members are stranded on the ship. Everything in the Dead Space is creepy. You are going to explore everything in the dark environment that is very dangerous and also unpredictable. This game is full of mutated necromorphs and also reanimated corpses. You have to defeat them immediately, in order to stay survive in this game.

Those horror games are very popular among many gamers nowadays. It is the best time for you to select the best game that is suitable for your own preferences. Those horror games can increase your fear whenever you play these games.

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