Top 10 Most Ridiculously Niche Dating Sites

It’s been said that there’s someone for everyone, and the Internet is out to prove it.

Apart from widely-known types of dating websites aimed at people of the same age group, faith, etc., there is a boundless assortment of others that are so niche-specific, so exacting in their profile requirements it’s almost laughable.

1. Biker Kiss bills itself as the “first, largest and most effective biker dating site.” In addition to profiles of eligible bikers, it’s got resources for everything in the biker lifestyle: biker news, black leather fashions, a tattoo gallery, and suggestions by members for what to do on biker dates. It has a forum section and members have space to blog if they want to.

It’s free to join, search profiles, and fill out your own profile, including what type of motorcycle you ride. But if you want to actually message another member, you have to pay for a gold membership.

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2. Golfmates

Niche Dating Sites

When someone’s love of the game is such that they cannot imagine sharing their life with a non-golfer, this site holds out hope for them. promises to set you up with like-minded others who will understand you when you spout off about birdies and eagles, whether for romance or just hanging out. The site urges you to mention your favorite golf courses in your profile when you sign up for free. Searches and “scientific” matches to your profile, sent via email, are also free.

3. Ninja Passions

Those who are always faithfully honing their ninja skills, those who wish they could be ninjas, and those who just really dig ninjas now have a stealthy place to meet. Other ninja enthusiasts are just a star’s throw away at In addition to chat and forums, users recommend books and websites to the rest of the ninja community. Members also link to their favorite online videos, including ninja-related stand-up comedy routines. Nobody wants to get on the wrong side of a ninja, so everything on the site is free.

4. is a dating and social networking site for the Furry Fandom, a subset of sci-fi/fantasy fans who admire and enjoy characters that are part animal and part human. Fursuiters like to dress up as these characters, while other Furries like to draw pictures of them or create stories about them, or they have fetishes involving them. Users can interact with other users who are called by such monikers as MastTylosaur and NekoWolfChan. The site is free, as it “was created by furs for furs.”

5. Purrsonals

If some people are more interested in real furry friends than fantastic ones, there are places in the new dating world for them, too. says you’ll “Meet other cat lovers who really match your PURRsonality!” Cat ladies and cat gentlemen can find one another at last, by joining this dating site and social network for free. It’s got forums, video chat, and member blogs. Don’t forget to upload an avatar photo of your cat instead of yourself.

6. Nerd Passions is where people who can hold their own in a comparative discussion of the various Star Treks, who know what makes an ultrabook convertible and can program their own smartphone apps go to socialize. Users can participate in forums and chats with people who think they think too much, know they read too much, actually work as librarians, and/or revere Stan Lee. There is even a “secret lab” section of the site in which the other favorite dating sites frequented by the nerds and the preferred colors used in their profiles have been analyzed and broken down according to gender, with the results then displayed graphically. And it’s all free.

7. SinglesWithFoodAllergies

Who knew you could date someone who shares the same food allergies?

To be fair, this has a very practical side. You won’t have to argue about which restaurants to avoid. The site’s founder started it because she felt “challenged socially” to find a new man who would be comfortable with her lifestyle, which involved avoiding dairy products, nuts, and shellfish.

Lifetime membership is available for free for a limited time. The site offers email, instant messaging, and searches by local zip code.

8. Psychic Passions

Maybe you’ve always longed to have one of those very close relationships with someone in which the two of you could finish each other’s sentences. This would be much easier if you were both psychic. is the dating and networking site for “Psychics, Psychic Believers & Psychic Lovers.” Users can join specialized groups for clairvoyants, mediums, aura readers, people who actually work as psychics, etc. But the largest group, at 200 members, is the psychic believers—posers.

Psychic Passions, like Ninja Passions and Nerd Passions, is part of the Passions Network, a group of over 200 extremely niche dating sites. But you’ve already divined that, haven’t you?

9. Alikewise

Alikewise is based on the idea that when you find someone who loves reading the same books you love, you’ve found someone. Profiles consist of photos, a brief physical description, your age and who you are looking for—and a long, prominent list of books you’ve enjoyed reading with your comments about them. Users search for other users by age range and book or author. The site is free but has a lot of links to books on

10. TattooedSingles

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The people behind got so many requests for a site where tattoo artists and body art aficionados could hob-nob that they broke down and created one. Tattooed and pierced persons, or even those who are into temporary body art, can create a profile and search the profiles of others for free. You must upgrade to a paid membership in order to email other users.

The website advises its members that they will receive much more mail if they upload photos of themselves.

If you’ve ever believed that something really unusual about you is a tough sell for the dating market, you can probably find a niche website where you’ll shine.

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