How to Change Instagram Story Text Background

Instagram is one of the most prevalent platforms for the promotion of the business. It has millions of active followers and considering the huge number of followers; marketers prefer this platform to others to show off their products.

Instagram is also aware of the needs of the marketers, and therefore, it consistently adjusts its strategies to facilitate the consumers and marketers.

It has offered great functionalities for the marketers to elevate their sales. It also provides many attractive visuals that are fundamental in putting a stunning impression on the target audience.

Instagram Stories

Instagram story is a fascinating feature in the Instagram app where the users can post the relevant images and videos in a slideshow format.

The images and the videos that you have added can be arranged in a sequence, and can also be shared with the followers.

Stories remain active for 24 hours. It means that they automatically disappear after 24 hours. If you have visited a page where a story has stolen your heart, then you can download the images of that story by visiting Instagram video Downloader.

History of Instagram Stories

This feature was launched in August 2016. At that time, some people started criticizing it because they thought that the stories were introduced by copying the My Story feature of Snapchat. However, despite all the criticism, the popularity of the stories skyrocketed, and millions of people started utilizing them.

Customization of Instagram Stories

The function of Instagram stories is one of the amazing features of Instagram. Stories offer a time saving and comprehensive way to publicize the brand in just 15 seconds. Along with the 15 seconds long videos, users can also add different visuals to beautify the posts.

There are also many options to rectify and change the color scheme of Instagram stories. You need to change the theme according to the niche of your brand. Moreover, you can change different aspects of Instagram stories such as background color, text color, and filters, etc.

1. Change the Instagram Story Background Color

You want to update a story, but you do not wish to see the old dull colors. If yes, then you can do it easily without any complication. Follow the below steps to change the background color of Instagram stories:

  • In your Instagram app, tap the marker icon
  • Here you can directly choose a color, or you can use the eyedropper to pick a color of your desire
  • Now, long press on your screen for a second or two.
  • This thing will change the color of your background accordingly.
  • If you want to see a whole new range of the colors, then you can press down on any color to get a full spectrum of the colors.

2. Insert a Rainbow Effect to your Text on Instagram

The Rainbow effect is used to mesh the shades of a different color to your text. To put a staggering rainbow effect on your Instagram story text, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Write a new text
  • Select the whole text
  • Hold your right-hand thumb on the purple color
  • Hold your left-hand thumb on the text
  • Now, slide both the thumbs at the same time to the left

You will start noticing that the color of the text is changing. Once you stop the movement of your thumbs, the text with a rainbow shadow will appear.

3. Change the Background Color of a Text on Instagram Story

On Instagram, you can add a background around a text. You can also modify the background color once you have added it. Here is the way to do it:

  • Write a new text
  • Select the font of the text
  • Add the background to the text
  • If you want to amend the appearance of the background, you will have to select a color from the bottom of the screen
  • If you wish to alter the color of the background to the white, you will have to drag the color palette to the extreme left. 

Now the background color of the text would be changed.

Importance of Instagram Stories for your Business: 

Instagram stories have a remarkable potential to boost your follower base. In the past decade, it was SnapChat, but now, Instagram stories have taken all the short posts with a storm.

Experts argue that the induction of the Instagram story is one of the most critical steps to substantially increase sales.

If you are running a business or are planning to start a new market, then harnessing this social media giant should be your utmost priority. You can customize various things according to the requirement of your business.

Over to you: 

You can dispense your thoughts in the comments if you have more ideas on the visual customization of Instagram stories. I would love to join the conversation with you.

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