Best Treks in Thailand for Adventure Lovers:

Thailand is a diverse country featuring beautiful beaches, stunning panoramas, towering mountains, and pristine rainforests. Although the beaches are more famous here still this Asian country is also home to many beautiful trekking trails.

Yes, every part of Thailand offers some of the other trekking routes to the adventure lovers and trekkers. These treks give you a chance to go through the dense forests and explore the amazing flora as well as fauna of the country. The views from the top of these summits are truly enchanting.

In addition, the beautiful and serene camping sites make the whole trekking experience unforgettable for the tourists. If you love adventure more than anything else in the world, then you must try these treks on your Thailand trip:

  1. Khao Sok Jungle Trek:

The jungle trek of Khao Sok is an excellent trekking option in Thailand. This trekking trail is embellished with natural charms like beautiful lakes, rushing rivers and waterfalls, amazing campsites and ancient limestone caves. This day-long jungle trek is perfect for familiarising with flora and fauna of Thailand.

Highlights: This stunning trekking trail is 11 km long and features mesmerizing vistas that can amaze the trekkers. One can also enjoy thrilling activities like hill climbing, waterfall rappelling and camping here.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Duration: 5-8 hours

Things to carry: Carry some salt to avoid the leeches that are found in huge number here.

  1. Hua Hin Trek:

People who want to make their trekking experience unique can try the Hua Hin trek. In this trek, you will be accompanied by a forest buddy, namely elephant. Yes, we are talking about elephant trekking! This area is popular for the elephant camps, hidden regions, and forest areas.

This trek is easy yet thrilling one as you are going to explore the whole region on the back of a majestic elephant. You won’t get bored because you are going to bath with Thai elephants in a pond and click pictures with them!

Highlights: There are camps in Hua Hin that offers elephant shows as well. So, you can sit back and watch elephants riding a bicycle or playing basketball or soccer.

You can also try elephant trekking in Pattaya. Book Thailand tour packages that cover the treks plus other activities.

Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: 1 to 2 hours (depending upon your package)

Things to carry: Carry an extra pair of clothes if you are planning to bath with elephants.

  1. Phu Lang Ka Trek:

Phu Lang Ka is a quaint village in Northern Thailand. Tucked in the Phu Lang Ka National Park, this is an easy 12 km long trek which one should try between November and February. This is one of the most panoramic treks of Thailand.

The beauty of flowers, ponds, greenery, butterflies and waterfalls make the whole surroundings ethereal. Try this trek during sunrise or sunset to enjoy the glorious views of this whole village.

Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: 6-8 hours

Things to carry: Carry raincoats, insect repellent, regular hiking boots, and other necessary items according to the weather.

  1. The Kanchanaburi Jungle Trek:

Kanchanaburi Jungle Trek is a 4.8 km long trek that takes you in the blooming forests around Kanchanaburi. That particular area is famous for Thailand’s most popular tribe known as the Karen. So, on this trek, you will get the chance to discover the lifestyle of the Karen tribe along with enjoying the scenic vistas of forests.

Stay in the Karen village of Nong Bang, sleep in a bamboo hut after a tiring trek, prepare dinner with the tribal people and watch traditional Karen dance performance as you savor the self-made meal! On next day, you will ride in a bamboo raft and embark on the ill-famed Death Railway to reach back at the River Kwai.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Duration: 2 days

Things to carry: Pack plenty of water, a few snacks, and sturdy shoes.

  1. Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son Trek:

This trekking trail was once used to be a famous trade route. But, now only trekkers go to this forest-covered hilly route situated in the mountains of Mae Hong Son. This thrilling trek starts at Chiang Mai taking you over ridges, down the verdant valleys, and onto the lush mountain peaks.

You will also find interesting stops during this trek. The first among these is the Huay Hee Karen village where you will stay in a traditional home and learn about tribal life of Thailand. The next stop will be Ban Huai Tong Kaw where you will be entertained by ritual singers and sword dancers. All in all, this trek is eventful and challenging.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Duration: 8 days

Things to carry: Pack hiking poles, some clothes mosquito repellent, and your personal hygiene kit.

  1. Soppong Trek:

If you love offbeat things, then this trekking experience is a must-try for you. Soppong is a beautiful destination where you not only get the chance to explore the dense forests but can also explore old caves and enjoy kayaking.

The pure natural surroundings of these forests will soothe your mind and soul. The amazing forests, paddy fields, green meadows, and open blue skies will steal your heart during this trek. You can also meet some tribal locals here who are friendly enough to offer beverages to the visitors.

Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: 5-6 hours

Things to carry: Carry necessary things like water, snacks and other essentials.

  1. Kamphaeng Phet Trek:

Kamphaeng Phet is an ancient and historically prominent town of Thailand. This quaint little town offers numerous cultural and natural attractions. The western part of the town is covered with national parks and fertile forests, while the eastern part is mostly flatland.

One can trek in the lofty mountains of national parks to feel closeness with nature here. These mountains are soaked in nature and covered with dense forest. Go to Mae Wong National Park, which is one of the highest peaks of Thailand, to discover various kinds of flora and fauna, clear streams, waterfalls, viewpoints, and tranquillity.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Duration: 5-6 hours

Things to carry: It is a religious place so; carry something to cover your head if you wish to enter any Buddhist temple.

  1. Trek to Khao Luang Peak:

If you are going to visit southern Thailand, then you must trek to the popular Khao Luang Peak. This is a moderate to extreme level trek; that’s why it should be tried by the professional trekkers. This beautiful peak is situated 1.385 km above sea level.

The trails leading to this spectacular peak are equally fascinating, and they will surely satisfy your desire to savor natural views. Get ready to hike in the rocky trails and deep forests, to camp in the far-flung meadows and to savor the sunrise on the high peak in the morning.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Extreme

Duration: 3 days

Things to carry: Some clothes, hygiene kit and essentials to stay for 2-3 days.

So, every trek in Thailand is unique and beautiful in its own way. Give it a try, and you will start admiring nature even more! Select your trek now.

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