Google Analytics Tricks You Can Use for Your Website

Google Analytics is a free premium web service offered by Google itself to track and report website user traffic. The Analytics service was launched in the year 2005 and has over a period of time become the most used web analytics service. A particular code that is the JavaScript code is added to every page of the website of the Google Analytics user. This code runs in online marketing services for the client that will further collect data of the website users and keep a record of the number of users and visitors each day. The information is also transmitted to the Google servers. The information of all the website users or visitors is stored in the form of cache as their user IDs.

With the development of the World Wide Web, social media interaction has also grown manifolds. Because of the developments in the field of social media interaction, there have been seen simultaneous developments in the field of e-commerce and the world of business as well. Social media tends to generate more exposure for many business owners who cannot take the shade of traditional marketing techniques, by virtue of them being costly, time-consuming and energy-draining and therefore, online marketing services come to the rescue.

Spreading your ideas and products among people aggressively like a virus is the way Viral Marketing works. By this method, you as a business owner can have the privilege to interact with the consumers directly, and it helps you to know about their needs and wants. By giving out a clear message, you make sure you get better results in the form of revenues and goodwill. Thus, online marketing services help business owners to generate content, spread it among a certain audience base, after researching the demographics for the particular product/ idea.

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Various social media platforms are used these days to undertake this technique of Digital  Marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest are few amongst many social media websites which can help you with the deed of Viral Marketing. Making sure that you as a business owner are active on these social media platforms to ‘viral’ your idea, to spread word of mouth, increases the benefits for you manifolds. It will ensure that you have a ‘brand presence’.

Before directly jumping to online marketing services strategies, meticulous research has to be undertaken to make sure you are using the correct social media platform for the product or the idea you want to sell. By looking at the statistics, demographics, the age group of the people, their likes and dislikes, and other similar factors, you can come to a conclusion to use certain platforms for your great internet marketing.

Thus, of late Google Analytics has become a widely popular website statistics service provider. Approximately 65% of the websites on the internet use this service. You can use Google Analytics to optimize your website and speed up your data analysis. Here’s how:

After you are done with the step of setting up the tracking code, you will need to set up goals in your Google Analytics page. Goals are the foundation on which everything is built. Set goals according to the purpose of your website once you have figured out the purpose, seat objectives. Connect with the Google Webmaster to see the data related to the search queries. You will now get the best online marketing services reports as well the online marketing services that can help in enabling you to identify the keywords to be used in your future content.  Enabling site speed on Google Analytics can help you understand the time it takes to load your page and the number of visitors that have visited that particular page.

Site search option if enabled on Google Analytics can help you in determining the most common words that can be used as potential keywords to enhance your website traffic. The keywords to search for anything on your website can be noted down by Analytics and can be further used by you. Event tracking is yet another option that helps you to know what kinds of usages are being made by people on your website and what do they do the most there. Real-time reporting is a method on Google analytics through which you can get to know the users that are visiting your website at the current moment. You can get to know their details, the geographical location they come from and what keywords did they put in to visit your website.

With the Multi-Channel Funnel by Google Analytics you can easily determine what kind of users are visiting your website and from what sources are they coming to visit your website; search queries, referrals, organic, social media, etc. Google Analytics Campaign Tracking tool can help you get past the number of direct visits that come to your website through the help of shortened URLs. Hence, you can ultimately use certain websites and links that help you gain website traffic. To get more information out of the Google Analytics metrics, Plot Rows tool can be used to tabulate all of the metric data. You can also create various dashboards on Google Analytics to enhance your data collection and it will help you customize important information out of that.

You can use sub tools like Visitor flow and goal flow to get more information about the ways that your website visitors have taken to reach a particular page on your website. it further enhances the information on Google Analytics. Getting weekly or monthly reports of your data on the Google Analytics page can be a good option if you do not have time to go through each and everything manually. You can select the number of reports, duration, and ways to send them to you as per your convenience.

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