Tips to Plan a Perfect Romantic Getaway to Himachal from Delhi

Himachal Pradesh is a very romantic destination with all the snow, lofty mountains, beautiful weather, and greenery. Couples usually go to this Himalayan state to rekindle their love and to take a break from the monotonous life. If you want to spend some alone and quality time with your spouse, then Himachal is indeed the best destination to go.

Delhites who are thinking to plan a trip to Himachal will find very useful information in this article. Yes, we are going to guide you about how you can reach Himachal in a hassle-free way, which are the most romantic destinations of Himachal that you should visit and what are the romantic experiences that you should try in Himachal.

These tips are best for any couple who want to go to Himachal from Delhi. Your trip to Himachal will be surely memorable when you follow these. Let’s have a glance:

  1. Travel by Road or Air

The best way to reach Himachal from Delhi is by road or by air. People who have a tight budget can travel by road. You will reach Himachal within 7 to 8 hours by hiring a private car or cab. You can also go by your car, but special skills are required to drive in the mountainous terrain of Himachal. So, prefer booking a cab or car.

You can also reach Himachal by taking a bus, but that’s a long ride so, we don’t suggest that. The bus stops at various points and traveling on a bus is quite risky during monsoon and winters. It will take around 10 hours to reach Shimla through a bus.

If you want to reach in the shortest period of time and you have a good traveling budget, then you can also take a flight from Delhi Airport. You can reach to cities like Kullu-Manali, Shimla, and Dharamshala by taking a direct flight from Delhi.

  1. Know about the Weather Conditions Before Visiting:

You must know the weather conditions of the areas you are planning to visit in Himachal. Sometimes, visiting hilly areas is not safe in winters due to heavy snowfall and slippery roads. Apart from it, many people think that every area of Himachal remains cold in summers, but that’s not true.

Areas like Bilaspur, Solan, Sirmour, Una, Kangra, and Hamirpur remain hot to warm in summers with a temperature between 25 to 15 degrees. These areas didn’t turn snowy cold even in winters. Even then, the temperature remains between 15 to 5 degrees. In addition, districts like Chamba, Kullu, Kinnaur, Shimla and Lahaul, and Spiti also remain mild to pleasant in summers with the temperature between 15 to 5 degrees.

You can witness snowfall in the main hill stations of Himachal in winters. However, if you want to experience the snowfall in summers, then go to places like Solang Valley, Narkanda and Kufri. Still, check the temperature and weather conditions before booking your tickets.

  1. Visit the Most Romantic Places of Himachal:

Although every place of Himachal is blessed with natural beauty, still you should find out the most romantic places. To make it easy for you, we are sharing the list of best honeymoon places of Himachal here:

  • Shimla: You can go to Shimla as it is indeed one of the most beautiful hill stations of Himachal. The soothing atmosphere, chilling weather, scenic landscapes, and thick deodar and pine foliage of Shimla make it perfect for love birds. The place is often visited by honeymoon couples; which means you will get the much-needed privacy here!
  • Chail: Couples looking for a serene holiday far away from the crowds should visit Chail. It is just 60km away from Shimla so; you can reach there after spending a few days in Shimla. You can try many romantic things like staying in a cottage, picnic near Sadhupul Lake or horse riding.
  • Kullu-Manali: For an adventurous and awesome romantic getaway, visit the twin gems of Kullu-Manali. You can enjoy the romantic walks near the rivers, several adventurous activities, and snowfall with your partner here.
  • Dalhousie: You can add Dalhousie in the list of your travel destinations surely. It is a very romantic destination featuring towering Dhauladhar Ranges, tranquil locations and pine-covered valleys. You can spend a laid back vacation with your soul mate here. Nothing could be better than enjoying the natural wonders in complete solitude.
  1. Ignite Love by Experiencing Unique Activities:

Don’t merely visit the places of Himachal, but also create memories by trying some unique activities together. Of course, you can’t enjoy many of these activities in your city, so; utilize this opportunity. Let’s see what you can try in Himachal:

  • Go for long romantic walks on the scenic trails.
  • Witness the exquisite flora and fauna together by visiting wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.
  • Try thrilling activities like ice skating, river rafting, skiing, etc. together.
  • Visit open setting eateries to enjoy natural panoramas along with a tasty meal.
  • Book romantic couple suits and cottages for your stay.
  • Gaze the stars with your spouse in a mountain camp.
  • Visit the spectacular waterfalls and lakes to have the heart to heart conversations.
  1. Keep Medications to Take Care of your Health:

Any type of sickness can ruin your entire holiday. Our body becomes more sensitive in a new environment and weather. So, taking the necessary precautions is your responsibility. Pack medicines and other health-related materials like crocin, ORS, disprin, ENO, Band-Aids, adhesives, thermometer, sanitizer, etc.

In addition, keep medications for altitude sickness. Avoid eating the street food or anything from the roadside vendors. Only drink bottled water to avoid stomach infections. Avoid overeating as this can cause nausea and vomiting while traveling to the hilly areas.

So, follow the given tips to make your trip to Himachal a most romantic one. Have fun with your life partner, but also remember about your safety while doing so. Now, start your planning!


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