Reasons to Visit Kashmir if you want Solace and Refreshment

Kashmir has remained a popular travel destination for a long time. It is famously known as a paradise and a synonym of beauty; that’s why people never think twice before planning a trip to Kashmir. The charms of Kashmir are ideal for getting the much-needed solitude and refreshment.

People who want to escape the heat and pollution filled environment of the plains often go to Kashmir for a rejuvenating break. If you haven’t been to Kashmir till now, then maybe you must be willing to find some compelling reasons to do so.

Well, we have read your mind, and so; we are presenting the most important reasons that will fascinate you to visit Kashmir once in your lifetime! Let’s see these reasons:

The Natural Beauty of Kashmir is Incomparable:

Many hill stations in India features lakes, mountains, greenery, and every natural gift. But, none of them got the title of “Heaven”. Yes, there must be a reason that this title has been given to Kashmir and every visitor agrees on it after visiting this enchanting destination.

So, no matter how many hill stations you have visited so far; you should visit Kashmir if you want to see what incomparable natural beauty looks like! The snow-capped mountains, clear water lakes, endless winding paths with flowers and valleys on either side are the sights that will refresh you from within. You can acquire the solace in a natural setting like this without any doubt!

The Winters in Kashmir are Truly Magical:

People who live in the plains have a special kind of fascination for snow. Of course, they can never see the snow in their daily lives. They have to travel to other hilly destinations to enjoy the snowfall. For such people, the winters of Kashmir are truly magical. In Kashmir, every area remains covered with sparkling snowflakes during the winters.

The snow-covered houses, mountains, trees, and frozen lakes make the worth adoring sights. Along with it, the whole panoramas are bewitching enough to soothe your soul. People also enjoy various snow sports during this time.

A Shikara Ride is Absolutely Blissful in Kashmir:

Kashmir is home to many solace driving activities. The best among these is a Shikara ride on the mesmerizing waters of the Dal Lake. The blend of calming natural views, serene atmosphere and symphony of slowly flowing water make it a tranquil journey.

You find the real solitude as you lie back on the soft reclining seats of the beautifully decorated Shikara and observe the panoramas of lakes, various islands, gardens, etc. This is a must-try experience in Kashmir and indeed one of the significant reasons due to which solitude seekers should visit Kashmir.

Kashmir is Home to Royal Gardens:

Kashmir is called heaven not only because of the blessings of Mother Nature. The Mughal Kings also contributed to the beauty of Kashmir by making well-planned gardens featuring fountains, splendid structures and a lot more. These gardens are still the center of tourist attraction as you won’t find such gardens anywhere else in India.

A princely charm is visible in the Mughal Gardens of Kashmir, and you will surely have a great time there. You can enjoy the picnic and get lots of beautiful backdrops for your images in these gardens. Nature lovers would find many beautiful flowers and trees here. The most famous Mughal Gardens of Kashmir are Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Shahi, Pari Mahal, Verinag and Achabal.

Real Adventure waits for you in Kashmir:

Different type of people feels refreshed in distinct ways. Some people drive refreshment out of fun-filled and thrilling adventure sports. Such people should visit Kashmir to enjoy various types of snow sports. Yes, in Kashmir, you can take part in any snow sport that you have ever heard of!

You can go to Gulmarg to try heli-skiing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snow scooters, and snow bobbing. Apart from it, you can also take famous Gondola rides there. You can visit places like Pahalgam and Sonamarg to try snow sports in winters.

The Climate of Kashmir is Amazing:

You will feel surely elated in a pleasant climate. Definitely, sometimes, we feel frustrated due to the heat of summers. In such a scenario, visiting a place that remains cold throughout the year is a blessing.

Kashmir witness extreme cold in winters, but the temperature doesn’t go very high in summers; which means that you can feel the fresh breeze even during summers in Kashmir. The amazing climate makes it easy for the visitor to go out to explore the places at any time of the day. So, the forever pleasant weather is yet another reason to visit Kashmir.

The People of Kashmir are Friendly:

The locals of Kashmir are habitual of spending their lives along with tourists because the state always remained flocked with travelers. These people have accepted it, and that’s why they welcome and host the visitors pleasantly.

They want to show the best of their land to the visitors so that the world can know about the beauty of Kashmir. You can make many Kashmiri friends in case you try to do so during your tour. These people will never let you feel that you are away from your home; that’s why you should surely visit the place once.

Kashmir holds Lots of Trekking Trails and Camping Sites:

One can be closest to nature by trekking and camping. You can try these two activities in any part of Kashmir. There is no dearth of trekking trails for easy, moderate and difficult treks. You will also find many camping sites in the lush green mountains and blooming valleys of Kashmir.

The best part is that you can have all that fun at affordable prices in Kashmir. Give a shot to treks like Kashmir Great Lakes trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek, Narang Mahlish Trek, and Kolahoi Glacier Trek.

So, the reasons are umpteen, but you have to find that one special reason that will instill a new excitement in you for visiting Kashmir.


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