How To Fix, , Error

How To Fix , , – Using Kodi you may see many messages by Kodi server asking you to get paired up with other devices for stream authorization. All the KODI lovers must have landed on the server using (or ) to enjoy their shows, movies, and TV shows, etc.

The, , are best-hosted sites which allow users to watch unlimited movies, TV shows, and sports channels, etc. The best thing is that streaming on those is totally legal so you will not get punished by ISP.

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What is error?, error

Very often users begin their KODI to watch movies, dramas, etc but there are a bunch of servers from which gives the pairing option to enjoy the movies, shows.

But at the time of pairing it may give an error illustrating “stream authorization error”.  To resolve this, is one of the best sites which includes all the latest shows, movies, and dramas on its server.

Guide On How To Fix, , Error

Solving this error on Kodi is not that tough now. You need to follow these methods given below to have seamless streaming of videos.

  1. You will view your IP address in the newly opened Window. Just click on the option of Activate Streaming to go further with the procedure.
  2. Once these Kodi Add-ons have been successfully paired up with your IP Address you will be notified with the help of a notification message saying that your IP address has been whitelisted for 4 hours.
  3. Just get back to your Kodi Exodus and start streaming your favorite movies by using the TheVideo server.

Full Method to Fix, , Error

Disable the hosters:

Describing another Method to fix the, or streaming authorization errors.

With the help of the KODI add-ons, Anybody can use the scrapers for configuring the captcha with the hosters. This will reduce the unnecessary links from the site and you can have flawless streaming on your device.

The process to disable:

To fix this error you have to follow these simple and easy steps.

1st: Open the Kodi App, from the Navigation bar. Now, click to the site and try to find out the add on. Click on that and go for the settings. You can choose any of your favorite add-ons.

2nd: Here you will get the option “Tools”. Click on this option.

3rd: Now Find out “SETTINGS: Providers’” and click on this.

4rth: At the last of the screen, you have to find the file-hosting filters. And then you will get an option “hosters with captchas”, This will be opened by default.  Simply disables this option.

This will lead to wreck the undesired captchas with the hosters and reduce the links fetched on it. You need to do this for each add on to stream the content.


1st: VPN is the best option for avoiding copyright issues. You can choose a reliable VPN location to connect with it. The Fox VPN can help people to get free VPN and paid IP to vanish. You also can use the Zemate VPN, which is buffer-free and almost gives the fastest video streaming experience.

2nd: Open a browser, which can support HTML5. you can choose Google Chrome is highly recommended by most the people around the world. You can also use firefox, Opera Browser, Safari.

3rd: Go to the official site by searching or The provenance of and are same as these both own by one company.

If you are receiving the streaming authorization error of or in any link, you can brace it with any of these servers. Now the blocked URL is allowed to access in your device. You can search the URL ( or in your browser.

4rth: Check The Captcha Box. Mark a tick on the box of  “I’m not a robot”.Wait until you get the green click in that box. Alright! Great now you can activate your streaming.

5th: Enjoy Streaming now. After activating the streaming option, the IP address of your device will be paired with the link of This service is available only for 4 hours.

URL Resolver:

Some users have more than two add-ons for streaming videos. So, Disabling the captchas for each will take a lot of time. I will show the simple trick to get rid of this time-consuming work. By configuring the URL resolver, you can filter the links and block the unwanted host sites with their captchas.

1st: Start the Kodi and now go to the system settings. You have to switch the expert mode from the standard model.

2nd: In the add-on option, you have to find “manage dependencies” and then click on it.

3rd: Now go for the configuration of URL Resolver.

4rth: You will get the resolvers 1to rest resolvers, alphabetically.

5th: Select any of the resolvers you may like and disable the hosters with captcha.

Last words

I try to show you the best method to fix, , Error, hope you will understand the steps. If you have any difficulty doing this then please tell me the issue in the comment section I will try to help you.

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