Trendy Ideas to Customise T-shirts

T-shirts are comfortable and casual. People irrespective of gender and age love wearing them. One can make both casual and semi-formal fashion statements with T-shirt and there are many varieties of cuts, shapes and sizes are available that one can choose from.

When it comes to custom T-shirts, then it is comparatively new in the fashion market and has become very popular these days. Also, custom T-shirt printing is one of the most cost-effective things and it makes the T-shirt look exciting and unique. If one has a small business or want to promote their brand, then custom T-shirts can be a great marketing idea as well.

But custom T-shirts have become popular in the fashion market because they are unique and they always offer a wide variety of design options so that one can choose according to their likes and dislikes. One can get custom T-shirts online or else they can ask a T-shirt designer to design it specially. No matter, making your custom T-shirt stand out is what one should focus on. Here are some major ways to design custom T-shirts if one is thinking about how to make them unique and noticeable.

Printed Sleeves

Mostly basic T-shirt screen printing features the designs that are either printed on the front panel or the back panel of the T-shirt. This one is totally different as the focus here is on the printed sleeves. The printed sleeves always offer more canvas for the screen-printed designs and as a result, they can provide an eye-catching placement if one wants to put a brand name or the company logo anywhere. The screen printing on T-shirt sleeves can be horizontal or on the hem of the short-sleeved T-shirts. They can also be vertical by running down the sleeves in case of a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Down the Spine

There is also a printing down the spine design when it comes to a custom T-shirt. This is said to be the coolest and new screen printing designs in the market. Printing down the spine is not only unique but they are unusual and the design is such that they will definitely be grabbing some eyeballs. So, if one is promoting a brand, then it is a perfect idea to flaunt this design. The print here can be artistic by featuring a pattern, an image, some words or letters.

Vertical Printing

When it comes to printing some words on the T-shirts, then most people are accustomed to seeing words that are printed in the text block and running horizontally from left to right. But there is much more to that. In case of custom, screen-printed T-shirts, one can also follow a vertical printing that can run down in front of the T-shirts and down the sides along with the spine.

Screen Printing Inside T-Shirt

One of the most interesting and out of the box new custom screen printed T-shirt designs features images printed inside the T-shirt. It can allow the custom screen printed T-shirts to be reversible and they double the utility of the shirt. It also becomes more versatile. This is another cool design that allows a face which can be printed inside a T-shirt and then it turns into a mask when the T-shirt is pulled overhead. This can be designed for masquerades as well.

Wraparound Print

screen printing can not only be done in the back and front surfaces of the T-shirt but one can custom print the T-shirts from the side as well. This can allow for wraparound prints which are mostly patterned in a continuous design from the back to the front of the T-shirt. This can make room for an extensive design that can be printed on a shirt and it has a more eye-catching effect.

So, when it comes to T-shirts printing online, there are plenty of exciting designs that one can think of. They will turn out to be very creative and unique and will make the message and design stand out in the crowd.


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