A Look at LED Lenser Flashlights and Torches

In order for people to effectively live, work, and play, one of our greatest needs is light. Obviously, the sun provides much of the light we need, but sometimes it’s not always enough. Thankfully, in this day and age, it doesn’t have to be. Having light accessible to us when and where we need it is quite possibly the greatest modern convenience known to man. And that’s why Coast takes so much pride in producing quality light — specifically, light when you need it, and where you need it.

As a result, Coast has produced a new line of flashlights and torches for use in high-performance situations. Used by various military operations and police forces around the world, these lights are simply the most brilliant and reliable you can find. Whether for work, travel, or emergencies, these flashlights can be the difference between success or failure — they can even be the difference between safety and harm.

Below, we give special attention to four popular model series of the new LED Lenser HP torches.

P Series

These professional-grade flashlights were specifically designed to make your job easier. The models in the Professional Series include new innovations such as the Reflector-Lens of the Advanced Focus System, Speed Focus, Battery Cartridge, and Dynamic Switch concept — not to mention the incredible luminous intensity of the LED chips. With nearly 10 different designs, these LED Lenser flashlights will offer you a perfect fit for anyone of your performance needs. Whether it’s the small but power-packed P2 pen light or the bright and mighty P14 that runs using only AA batteries, any flashlight in this series will get the job done.

T Series

The LED Lenser Tactical Series torches will keep you safe, no doubt. All the models are handy, compact, and tremendously powerful. These LED Lenser torches are perfect for tactical missions because of their tough, everyday working life and highly focused beam. Whose sheer brightness stuns rioters and burglars, granting police officers and security forces the ability to act swiftly. Take the T7 for example. Complete with all the features of a Professional Series flashlight, this torch shines at a blinding 200 lumens and is crafted with a solid aluminum casing for ultimate protection. Ultraviolet LED flashlight is also tactical light which is also very popular. The UV light also knows Blacklight.

 LED Lenser

X Series

These lights provide “Xtreme” brightness. In fact, LED Lenser’s X21 torch is currently the brightest hand-held LED flashlight ever produced. Employing the use of seven chips, the X21 demonstrates the striking illuminative power of light-emitting diodes. Though many have attempted to best the X21, no other hand-held light really compares. Illuminating large areas and achieving impressive ranges, the X21 burns at well over 1,000 lumens — and it burns cool. In other words, the X21 poses no risk of overheating or injury. Consequently, the LED Lenser Xtreme Series torch has a working battery life of 600 hours just by employing the use of conventional D-cell batteries.

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BL Series

The Bore Light Series from LED Lenser is a testament to innovation and usefulness. Each model utilizes the Crystal Reflector Tube System and a convenient pocket clip. The greatest feature of this series, however, is each light’s flexible neck that allows the operator 360 degrees of visibility. Using only one AAA battery, the 7583BL model can last up to 11 continuous hours and shine at nearly 10 lumens.

Coast flashlights are among the finest in the world. Which puts the LED Lenser High-Performance line in an elite group of LED torches. For all-around excellence regarding brightness, efficiency, craftsmanship, and innovation LED Lenser HP flashlights are simply unparalleled.

LED to Success LED Lenser

A large part of LED Lenser’s success comes from an investment in its namesake, the light-emitting diode (LED). Frankly, if you haven’t jumped on the LED bandwagon, now might be a good time. Europe has already banned the selling of incandescent bulbs, and the U.S. is set to follow in 2012.

And there’s a reason: Not only is LED technology proving to be more efficient, but it is also more effective. Consumers around the world are agreeing that LED products are far superior to any conventional light-bulb products they use.

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