Things you need to know about travel insurance

In recent years, tourism has become an indispensable demand, so that the accompanying services such as travel insurance are also concerned. However, how to choose correctly and skillfully to ensure a smooth journey is not known to all visitors. So why should we buy travel insurance, how does this insurance work for us?

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that pays for individuals or families for losses arising from trip incidents such as accidents, sickness, delayed trips, lost luggage, or lost passport. Subjects of travel insurance are children aged 1 month and older to 75-year-old adults.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that pays for individuals or families for losses arising from trip incidents

In fact, it has two types such as domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance. 

Depending on your needs, you can choose an insurance policy by trip (the trip may take up to 182 days) or a yearly insurance contract (risk insurance arises during every trip within 12 months from date of insurance, it is suitable for people who often travel or work).

Why should you buy travel insurance?

In previous years, many tour companies often did not mention travel insurance for reasons of fear of additional costs, fear of losing customers. Now, travel insurance becomes the necessary baggage of smart travelers. And if you don’t buy travel insurance, your trip may fail.

Buying travel insurance gives passengers peace of mind: if you buy travel insurance, you will feel more secure during the journey along the way. You should buy international travel insurance to secure and secure your trip in cases such as lost baggage, flight cancellation or emergency medical treatment, etc.

Buy travel insurance to help you avoid risks, reduce financial losses: During travel, risks include illness, illness, accident, property damage … Level and intensity of The risks when traveling are unpredictable, bringing a lot of damage. In such situations, travel insurance will assist you in protecting, handling and overcoming risks, ensuring maximum damage reduction.

In some cases, tourists are required to buy travel insurance. Some countries in the European (you can refer to the European travel insurance)  region regulate that country’s visa application, visa applicants must purchase insurance as a mandatory procedure. 

Some things to remember or need to avoid when you buy travel insurance

When you buy travel insurance, you need to keep in mind some of the following.

Do not buy travel insurance as soon as all procedures are completed

Quickly buying travel insurance has become a popular habit of some travelers. However, this may cause you to miss beneficial privileges or policies. The reason is that some travel insurance can cover up to 60 days, almost two months before the trip.

Travel insurance

Quickly buying travel insurance has become a popular habit of some travelers

Therefore, you do not need to rush to buy travel insurance immediately when all tour booking procedures are completed. In cases such as serious injury, plan changes or other force majeure circumstances such as loss of luggage, can be insured and can be compensated 

Consider carefully the travel insurance policies

Travel insurance doesn’t always cover every aspect of your trip. Policies will vary between different providers.

Accident insurance, overseas and local medical expense insurance, flight compensation, stolen property compensation or personal liability insurance are some of the common things you should ask for.

Tourists should consider choosing travel insurance to suit their own needs and financial capacity, avoiding misconceptions or misconceptions about insurance policies that lead to unfortunate things.

Know the reputation of the insurance provider

Quick searching of customer reviews and advice from friends and family can help you quickly gather detailed information to decide which travel insurance provider to choose.

One thing to note is whether the travel insurance provider has a 24-hour hotline. It helps you to contact travel insurance provider for policy advice.

Reader’s Digest (USA) recommends that tourists note that most insurance providers will require customers to send information about any incident within a certain time period.

Remember what is not covered

Most travel incidents or delays from airlines occur, visitors can still feel easy when it comes to what is covered by travel insurance. However, there are many exceptions tourists need to know, more than what is introduced by the insurance provider.  For example, no travel insurance is provided to customers with heart attacks due to a history of chronic heart disease and they must be hospitalized during the use of travel insurance.

In addition, you will not be covered when an accident occurs because you play extreme sports such as climbing, diving, often not covered by the general travel insurance policy. If there is a need, visitors can pay high prices for insurance to ensure this.

Some key benefits when you buy travel insurance

Insurance companies pay the full cost of medical treatment such as surgery, ambulance, testing. This treatment includes both inpatient and outpatient care. This must be useful when you are traveling in a foreign country, different in language, or even not qualified for medical treatment, etc.

When unfortunate visitors die or are permanently disabled by accident, compensation will be made by the insurance amount.

You will be compensated for lost or damaged luggage and personal belongings due to accidents, robbery, theft or wrong transportation. When luggage is delayed, the insurance company will pay for the purchase of essential items for personal hygiene and clothing for reasons of delayed luggage.

You are reimbursed for the cost of re-issuing your passport, the visa has been lost and the travel and accommodation costs incurred due to the re-issuance of the documents. The maximum limit of compensation for one day is 10% of the coverage limit.

The deposit is not refundable for travel and travel costs increase because of short cuts or cancellations due to serious death or illness of the Insured Person, good witness or isolation for quarantine. 

Travel insurance

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All in all, tourism can be a fun experience but there are risks and sudden changes that can break a memorable trip. By studying and understanding travel insurance, you can help yourself avoid trouble or get compensation for an unfortunate incident so that this journey is always full of beautiful memories.

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