Marijuana Life Hacks: 7 Tips To Save The Day

As an avid fan of marijuana for quite some time, I would say I have gained quite a little knowledge about its use. I mostly learned these tips from fellow fans as well as the ones you pick up off on the streets and online. TheGreenAce is one of the leading online dispensaries, which aims to help people buy weed online from Canada.

What truly tickles my funny bone are stories from people I know who have gone above and beyond just to smoke some bud. I’m not talking about illegal stuff, of course. I’m talking about days when you have the flower, but there’s no way for you to smoke it. No rolling paper, or pipe for you to use. No lighter or even a matchstick for you to light up a joint. So here are some of my first-hand tips that will surely save the day.

1. No paper? No problem!

The most common way that people consume weed is by smoking it. The problem with smoking is you need a few paraphernalia to do it. One such tool is a rolling paper. I’m sure everyone has experienced getting the product but with no paper in sight.

There are two ways you can solve this, either get in your car and drive to the closest store to get a rolling paper, or you can get creative. You can use any paper for rolling, but the best kind is those that are thinner and are common in books to absorb moisture. These won’t irritate your throat too much, and they are easy to roll.

2. Trouble rolling?

Another issue with rolling a joint is the act of rolling itself. Some people find it hard to roll a piece of paper filled with marijuana flower because you need to roll it with a tapered end.

To solve this, simply cut a strip of paper around 1.5 x 5 cm. Roll it up and use it as a guide in rolling by placing it on one end of the paper. This will not only make rolling easier but can serve as a filter so you won’t burn your lips trying to get every last bit of flower.

3. Getting rid of the smell

When you find yourself wanting to smoke but no place for you to do so; then you head to the nearest bathroom and light up. Now, you might be wondering about the smell that will linger after you’ve left. Bathroom sprays are fantastic at getting rid of the smell. Most bathrooms have one of these. A few spritzes and no one has to know about what you did in there.

4. Enjoying a blunt

Don’t want to go through a blunt quickly? A few drops of honey will not only act as a glue to hold the blunt together, but it will also keep it burning slowly for a more enjoyable time smoking. A bonus is you’ll be smoking a honey-flavored blunt, and that’s always an excellent plus.

5. Reuse a plastic bottle

A plastic bottle can go a long way. If you’re out of rolling paper and there’s no pipe in sight, you can use a plastic bottle to make a gravity bong, a waterfall or even a bowl. This is a better alternative to using an aluminum foil to create a bowl as they are prone to burning up and the chemicals it releases when burnt is quite irritating to the throat.

6. A dirty pipe?

I can’t count the number of times I grab my pipe about to smoke only to realize it is filled with gunk from my previous use. There are many ways to clean this out, but my time-tested method is to use three things, depending on what’s available at the moment.

A bobby pin is great at scraping residue. A toothpick does the job admirably. But my best tool to clean out my pipe is by using a Q-tip. I prefer using this because it won’t scratch the inside of my pipe and it does a great job at removing the entire gunk.

7. Hawk-like stares in public? Nah!

There is certainly no time of the day you are prohibited from smoking, but if you smoke during the day, you’ll surely attract a few glances because of your red eyes.

So be sure to bring an eye drop with you to minimize the redness or better yet, look cool and suave by wearing sunglasses. When people comment on my eyewear even indoors, I just tell them I didn’t have enough sleep and have massive eye bags. That’s usually enough for them to leave me alone.

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