How to Write a Good Instagram Caption

How to Write a Good Instagram Caption:

Before describing a good Instagram caption, it is necessary to know about what is a caption. When someone captures a picture through mobile, tabs or camera, then he adds some text within it, is known as Caption.

Instagram is all about visual content. As on Instagram, people upload their pictures with different hashtags and captions. Some of the images do not show clearly their ideas, so by adding an effective caption, you will be able to get more Instagram likes and followers. This article surrounds how to write a good caption which grabs the attention of views more effectively.

Why good Instagram caption is Important:

Instagram caption plays an essential role in your post. Good Instagram caption persuades your followers to like and comment on your post. It also increases the number of people who see your post. As Instagram is used for business purpose, so for the achievement success, you can add a great caption that tells your brand story. It expands the engagement rates and quantity of your followers.

How to write a good Instagram caption

You can use words which are related tour image. About 2200 characters you can use in a caption but not more than this, and emojis are also included in this quantity. It is best if your caption is sweet long, not too much long; the reason is that long caption images don’t grab more attention. Your caption should be a kind of which entertain the viewers as well as compel people to take action.

Use Branded hashtags in your Instagram caption

A branded hashtag is a great way to start a conversation with your followers and increase to the reach of your content. Use branded hashtags which are relevant to your post. Don’t put too many hashtags in your position. Make sure don’t put too much in your location that makes difficulty for viewers. When you including hashtags in your captions, it will help readability, and it adds meaning to your words. Hashtags also help you in connecting with new people, and it also contextualizes your content of the post. Also, facebook notes are also more trending.

Creating a Call-to-Action in your Instagram caption:

It is the best idea to include one or two words at the start of your caption. During creating Call-to-Action, use actions words like busy, free, hurry, and later, etc. Action words compel followers to take action. You could ask a question from your followers that pinches them to reply, or you can also force them that tag a friend or use your brand hashtag. Asking questions in your post enlarging the engagement rates.

Use Emojis:

Use of emoji in your caption is a good idea. There is no hard and fast rule of using emojis that which to use and how many applications in one post. Emojis contain meaning within it. So, the use of emoji also depicts your personality in a sense. These emojis areas in different colors, so if you use them in your post, it draws colorful and attractive impacts on viewers and catches the eye of your followers.

Try using Quotes

You can attain a powerful impact by using Quotes. Try to use these quotes in your post. As we all know that citations are based on logically speaking and genius people introduced quotes. So, by adding quotes, it asserts a philosophical look on the audience. Keep one thing in mind that relevance is an essential factor. You should add those quotes only, which is relevant to your post.

Instagram Caption tools

There are some tools which are used in the caption which are discussed below:

1- Captiona:

Captiona is a tool of the caption on Instagram. It brings ideas for you. It works like a search engine of prediction. You used it by adding the main word of your content, and in result, it gives you a list of suggested captions. You don’t copy them all the time in your posts because it may be lesser the originality of your post.

2- Hemingway app:

It is an app that is created by Ernest Hemingway, which is used in the caption. It helps in writing the caption in a better way. It suggests you cut down your sentence when your sentence becomes too long also helps in changing difficult vocabulary.

3- Grammarly:

It is another Instagram caption tool which allows you a lot when you are writing a proper caption. It high-light your spelling, sentence, and grammar mistakes by which you can correct them. It makes to correct your writing. It is a handy tool for writing a proper caption.

Keep a sense of Humor in the caption

Sense of humor is one of the human personality Quality. Some people have a fantastic sense of humor. Try to keep maintain a sense of humor in your post that people feel delighted in your job by your sense of humor. They take more interest in your job, so the engagement rates become increases.


In the end, it is concluded that a good caption is essential on Instagram for business purpose. Images without caption don’t grab the attention of the audience. It also fails on some extent on drawing your concept onto other’s mind. So, a good Instagram caption can be created by these simple steps.

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