First Useful Tricks On A Skateboard You Should Know

Have you ever wanted to make incredible movements with your board? Read this article to know the first useful tricks on a skateboard!

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One of my friends is a skater. You know, she loves skating and spent a lot of time on this sport. All the things I know, it takes a long time to master this sport. However, with only one year of practicing, my friend could perform like professional players. She can make grinds, air swings, heelflips, to name a few. As a result, I was curious about her methods to perform those actions excellently.

Are you also excited about how she could do that? Don’t worry! In this article, I will tell you the first useful tricks that you should learn on a skateboard!

Let’s figure out!

Oh, wait! I have some notes for you. 

The initial skateboarding requires you to incorporate both flip traps and pounds. 

Under the hood, a flip trap happens when the skateboard leaves the skater’s feet and plays out a flip. 

Moreover, skaters additionally utilize the two aluminum trucks on the base of the skateboard to execute crushes crosswise over edges and rails. 

They are so simple! And, come to the most important one you have to remember is to protect yourself from hurt and wounds.

You need to wear a protective cap, elbow cushions, and knee cushions. Those things will guarantee that you stay safe while endeavoring these fundamental skateboarding traps.

  1. Now, come back to the main content today. Check those tricks and choose the most suitable for you!

First useful tricks on a skateboard

1. Trying an Ollie

The first helpful tricks you should learn on the board is trying an Ollie.  

Both flip traps and granulates use the ollie. Ollies enable the skater to hop off the ground. 

There is a notice for you in this step. The movement of the ollie requires the skater to push down on the inward territory at the back of the board (the tail) with his back foot. 

She, at that point, bounces into the air after the board hits the ground.

How to practice?

The skater utilizes the front foot to level out by sliding it towards the front of the board. Landing firmly on each of the four wheels finishes the ollie. 

2. Mixing Kickflip with Heelflip

What is next?

The next useful trick is mixing Kickflip with Heelflip.  

Skaters utilize the front foot to play out the kickflip and heelflip. Not long after popping an ollie with your back foot, use the toes of your front foot to kick within the edge of the board. 

You should trust that the board will flip totally before arriving back over the deck. 

Meanwhile, for the heelflip, kick the outside edge of the board to flip it the other way of the kickflip.  

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3. Practicing Frontside and Posterior Pop-Push it

I will introduce another new technique called practicing Frontside and Posterior Pop-Push it.

Let’s see what this technique requires!

During the frontside and posterior pop-push it, the board plays out a revolution instead of a flip. 

In the wake of popping an ollie, the skater kicks the front foot forward and the back foot in reverse. The standard footed position (riding with the left foot in advance) turns the frontside pop-push it in a clockwise revolution. 

Skaters play out the posterior pop-push it by kicking the front foot in reverse, and the back foot advances. The rear pop-push it turns counterclockwise for the standard footers. 

4. Using Varial Kickflip with Heelflip

Mentioned is mixing Kickflip with Heelflip. Now, we come to the next useful skills you ought to know. It is another type of the former mixing, Varial Kickflip with Heelflip.

The varial kickflip consolidates the kickflip and the rear pop-push it.

The ordinary footed skater enables the load up to flip and turn 180 degrees clockwise before landing. 

The varial heelflip joins the front-side pop-push it and the heelflip. A customary footed skater gets the two feet to enable the load up to flip and turn 180 degrees counterclockwise preceding landing. 

5. Trying Grinds

OK! The last smart technique on a skateboard is trying grinds. I think it is so difficult. Why?

If you want to complete a 50-50 grind, you need to approach a rail or edge and pop an ollie. Also, you must arrive with the two trucks on the side of the siding or border. 

The vehicles will slide over the surface as you balance over the board. Pop an ollie when nearing the finish of the rail to arrive the crush. 

The 5-0 pound, another type of Grinds, comprises of same movements from the 50-50, aside from you just granulate on the back truck. To do this kind of grinds, crush on only the front carriage of the board to play out a nosegrind.


With five useful methods you should learn on a skateboard above, have you found out the way to master skateboarding? If yes, share with us your story while practicing the exciting sport in the comment section!

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