6 Common Myths about Studying Abroad

Don’t you think we humans have created so many unnecessary and complex myths about nearly everything? There are countless myths which act as obstacles that stop us from progressing further. There’s always someone in our surroundings who couldn’t follow their dreams because of some really uncomfortable myth attached to it. Unfortunately, people have created myths related to studying abroad as well. Let’s talk about them and burst these myths one at a time.

It’s Financially Draining

You tell them you want to study abroad and they start attacking you with the cliché response that it’s the longest shot mainly because of high tuitions fees and living expenses. Remember that no one forces you to go to an expensive country. There are 195 countries in the world and not all of them break your banks. You can always to study in a cheaper country with less tuition fee and other expenses. Well-recognized universities are not only located in expensive parts of the world.

Language Barriers

This is the 21st century and it’s pretty easy to challenge language barriers now. There are multiple language centers in Pakistan alone where you can enroll yourselves to learn the required language. Don’t let your zero knowledge of a certain language stop you from reaching new heights. It’s fine if you don’t know or understand anything. God has given us brains, intelligence and infinite resources which we can use to learn and progress further in our lives.

It’s All Fun and Games

Most people relate to studying and working abroad with a lot of fun, party and eternal bliss. Take our word, living abroad is not easy. You have to work really hard to achieve what you want. You literally have to multitask every single day. You don’t have your own servants, cars, and drivers there to assist you with everything. And you have to manage everything along with your education and profession. It sometimes becomes a little too taxing but at the end of the day, it’s just worth it.

Safety Issues

Asian parents are usually reluctant when it comes to sending their children abroad for studies and work. Safety issues are manageable. Do your research before choosing the destination. It’s better if you don’t go to countries with high crime rates. Also, you get an orientation before leaving for another country where you are given information about everything including safety. Otherwise, use the internet to find out how to be safe in another country. Even better if you ask someone who has spent a considerably longer time in that particular destination.

Missing Your Home Country

Why wouldn’t you miss your home country? After all, you have spent a huge portion of your life there. But how can you be successful in life if you don’t get out of your comfort zone? You have to get out of your home in any case to achieve your goals. Success doesn’t knock your doors. You have to find it yourself. Also, this is not 1991. Technology has made our lives 100x easier than in previous decades. It has graced this world with Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype, Facebook and so many other means of communication. You can talk to your loved ones back home whenever you wish. So yeah, you wouldn’t lose touch with your home country.

It’s Difficult Living Alone

You will come across so many people telling you that living alone is not easy. It makes you feel sad and depressed. They might also tell you that you don’t know the country’s routes, culture, people, etc. Don’t fall prey to their statements. There’s always a first time. First, few days are always a little confusing because you are in the process of adjusting in a whole new place. Also, all countries and universities have local guides who help you in adapting to the new environment.

Don’t believe any of the stuff mentioned above. Go study in Europe without worrying about anything meaningless.

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