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Landlocked between the lofty peaks of the Himalayas, Bhutan is the ‘last surviving Buddhist Kingdom’. Named among the most beautiful places in the world, the country is among the favorite travel destinations of the Indian Sub-Continent. What appeals about Bhutan at one glance is the pristine natural beauty all around? The country is blessed with sky-rising mountains & rolling green valleys. Luring travelers to the land is the spirit of Buddhism treasured in the high-altitude monasteries, colorful culture, scenic trekking trails and so much more. Bhutan Tour Packages introduces a world unexplored. Step into a world of happy moments as Bhutan has the reputation of counting the happiness of its citizens as the progress of the nation and the gift for all tourists.

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Believed to be the last of the heaven on earth itself, Bhutan is mysterious, blissful and the land where every moment is nothing short of a cherished memory. A short flight away from India, a visit to the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ requires only 5-6 days but each day is an experience of a lifetime. Start the Bhutan Tour with arrival at the Paro International Airport, later covering Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, etc. These fascinating cities present a glimpse of the beauty, culture, adventure and mostly all of the excitements. As Thimphu is the capital city it is also the most developed places in the country with all modern amenities yet treasuring its old-world charm. Paro is the gateway of the tourist charms. Bhutan is a place like no other and whenever you travel to the country you are assured of beautiful experiences.

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Understand the ancient culture and the bliss of spirituality with a walk to monasteries and temples. With more than 45 monasteries in Bhutan, the country is one of the last bastions of traditional Buddhism. Some popular names include Taktsang Dzong (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), Punakha Dzong, Tango Monastery, etc. Each of the dzongs, the traditional Buddhist temples have their own tales from Buddhist Mythology. Serene and blissful, the monasteries follow their own disciplined lives where you can watch the monks going about their daily activities. The blessed ambiance soothes your minds and souls. Sightseeing in Bhutan also include the museums, handicraft shops or even the weekend markets.

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For the nature lovers and the thrill seekers, Bhutan tours provide a lot of excitements. The location of the mighty mountain range of the Himalayas is more than enough to please your hearts. From bird watching to a nature walk to the adrenalin-gushing trekking trails, there is much to do. Every nook and corner has a beauty that nature bestows only to few. Trekking in Bhutan is something to not miss out on. In fact, in Bhutan, there is almost no way that you could miss out on it. On your trek pass through the challenging yet enjoyable conditions. Watch scenic views at sunrise or sunset, enjoy the fresh mountain breeze, camp under the sky full of stars and take a break away from life.

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Also, a major lure for travelers in Bhutan is the colorful culture and the traditional ways of the Bhutanese people. Attend one of the festivals for a glimpse of the vibrant traditions that are a way of life in the country. Some popular festivities are the Tsechu festival, Thimphu Festival, Paro Festival, Punakha Festival, Wangdue Festival, and Bumthang Festival among many.

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On your holiday in Bhutan do not be worried about hotels, travel arrangements or guidance. The country knows to treat its guests well. There are well-furnished hotels, homestays, and more. Travel within the country is planned and arranged by experienced guides who know the terrain well.  Choose Bhutan tours and you surely won’t regret the experience.

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