How To Hit On A Girl While Traveling Abroad

Figuring out how to hit on a girl while traveling abroad is a piece of cake. You just have to take those things that most would consider obstacles, i.e. language barrier, regional customs, and other things of that nature, and flip them into opportunities. Don’t listen to your rock head buddies when they say that hot French chick is unapproachable. Chances are, they’re the same guys that wouldn’t approach a girl in your local bar. If you want that French girl, you can get her. All it takes is a slight modification of your approach and you’ll be scoring as you would back home.

Look different. Fitting in is so lame, especially when you’re trying to get girls while traveling abroad. If you look like every other bloke in Britain, why should the girls give you a second look? No, you want to look like a tourist. You want to look lost. You want to look totally out of place, without looking like a total moron. So leave the “I Heart England” tees in your hotel room. Think of how easy it could be to spark a conversation with the native hottie if you’re not from the there. Asking the young lady how to get to a museum could be the segue you need to score a date with her later that night.

Your mystery. You know how when you meet a foreign chick in the states, the first thing you want to know is her homeland? Well, maybe the first thing you wonder is how she looks naked, but the first thing you vocalize to her is an interest in where she’s from. It works vice-versa. When she hears that distinctive Chicago accent, you’ll send her curiosity racing. You’ll have endless hours chatting about the differences in language, culture, history, all sorts of things. So, don’t be afraid to play up that you aren’t from around her neck of the woods.

Language issues. Don’t sweat them. Seriously. All you need is a pocket English to whatever language translator and you’re golden. She’ll think about it?s cute if you approach her in a broken dialect that mirrors her native tongue. You’re also forgetting about the universal language. Body language. You can convey very powerful messages just by using proper body language. A lingering glance, a smile, can go miles down the road of

Certain precautions to consider. Know your surroundings. Make sure the girl isn’t spoken for. Guys, no matter what the nationality, don’t take too kindly to some jerk hitting on their women. And remember, this ain’t your town. Getting a black eye and losing teeth are expensive prices to play prices to pay for hitting on a foreign girl while traveling. Just be aware of what you’re doing. You probably won’t have enough time to whip out that foreign language dictionary and mouth the words “I’m sorry” before Jacque St. Killer pummels you to kibble.

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