7 Life-changing Travel Tips & Tricks

Don’t we all love to travel? You must be from another planet if you don’t. Travel is not just a change of place but great exposure and therapy. Unfortunately, many of us make so many blunders during our much-awaited vacation that it defeats the purpose of travel. This not only spoils your vacation but also give you a gazillion unpleasant thoughts when making the next travel plan. We have compiled a list of easy travel tips and tricks to make your next journey worth every while. We promise the entire read would take only five minutes.

Travel Light

Whether you are going for eight days or three days always remember to travel light. This tip should be imprinted on your hands for life. You really don’t have to pack 13 men’s boxers if you are going for eight days. It wouldn’t bring any good to you. Who wants their suitcase to weigh like a huge drum filled with water? Also, you don’t always find porters to carry your luggage. And you also don’t find cranes to pick your overloaded suitcases.

Keep a Backpack

Always carry a small backpack which would accompany you literally everywhere. You cannot drag your suitcase everywhere. A suitcase will stay at the hotel while a backpack will stay with you. Keep small emergency kits, foods, deodorants, water bottle, etc in your backpack. It’s totally a life savior.

Carry a Mini First Aid Box

No one can deny the fact that one person or the other definitely goes through minor medical emergencies during travel. It can be very troublesome if you don’t have a basic medical kit available with you. Finding a doctor in a new place is not a piece of cake. We would recommend you to have your own medicines, bandages and other necessities with you. Your first-aid box should always have a thermometer, fever medication, basic medicines for indigestions, ointments for minor injuries and bandages. And no, it wouldn’t make your bag too heavy to carry. They take a pretty small percentage of space.

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Keep Water Bottles

It’s super important to stay hydrated if you really want to make the most out of your trip. Never forget a keep a handy water bottle with you all the time. You never know how much you would have to walk and exert yourselves so sipping water is very necessary. You shouldn’t ignore this trip at any cost.

Manage Your Finances

Don’t forget to have a look at all the costs involved before the itinerary begins. It’s very disheartening and stressful when you start running out of money when you still have 5 days left in your favorite travel destination. It’s always okay to skip the things that are way out of your budget. If you still plan to do so then cut down on some other expenses. Make maximum use of public transport because it’s always cheaper. Save money wherever you can.

Keep Cash

Plastic money can be unreliable and disloyal. You should have enough cash with you all the time in case your credit card throws a tantrum while being swiped. Save yourselves from the hassle and inconvenience. Imagine if the machine simply rejects your credit card and you also don’t have the cash to pay for all the shopping. Worst nightmare, isn’t it?

Get a Map

We know it sounds old-school but it’s always wise to have a map of the location you are visiting. You shouldn’t only have it in your mobiles. Always manage to get a printed version of the map. You are obviously not aware of the routes and locations like a local does so a map will always help you understand the tracks and routes. Don’t always rely on people to guide you because there can be language barriers and also you can not always find someone to guide you. It’s always good to be self-sufficient. You can keep the map in the same bag you keep your inner wear online in.

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