The Real Secret Of Proper Web Analytics Is Segmentation

Your focus on segmentation will ensure better results of your site. Ideally, when you analyze your website, this aspect will play a major role. This is ideally the real secret behind the success of a website.

When you know about segmentation you will be able to explore even further than the suspicious and non-performing parts of your website. You will find that eventually, you have a ten times bigger list of issues in your site that needs to be fixed than if you simply focused on the problem areas of your site.

When you focus more on segmentation, it will allow you to have more data that you will need to slice and dice to get more insights about your users regarding their usage and behavior.

Along with the advanced segments, you will also have to consider its cousin, secondary dimension. These are more convenient data that will help you to manage your data to create more meaningful groups of visitors. This will further help you to analyze them based on their specific behaviors when they visit your site.

Goal of segmentation

The goal of segmentation is to take into account the entire population of your website. That means it will help you to break down 100% of your visitors into smaller groups that are meaningful to analyze. However, if you wish you can even have a pretty good analysis result when you consider looking at segments that cover 5% to 50% of your population.

·         If you consider anything lower than that, it will give you too small a population to analyze and arrive at an actionable solution.

·         If you consider more than 50% of your visitors for segmentation it will automatically represent the entire population.

If you visit sites such as and its likes you will come to know that there are a few specific segments that you should consider and apply. These are:

  •          The sources of traffic sources
  •          The demographics of the traffic such as their gender, age, and interests
  •          The devices used by traffic such as a mobile phone or a desktop
  •          The goals
  •          The sales generated
  •          The location of the traffic
  •          The browser used by the visitors
  •          The ISP
  •          The existing customer visits
  •          The business prospects and much more.

With proper and strategic segmentation you will find that there is an automatic increase in your conversion rate. Apart from that, it will also help you in several other aspects such as:

·         You will come to know the visitors who may have bought from you already and whether or not they are the cause of a low conversion rate.

·         You may find out that the users cannot physically purchase from your site when they use the Internet Explorer because of technical errors in the JavaScript error.

Segmentation will help you to discover these issues very easily which is why experts suggest that you focus on this aspect when you conduct a website analysis.

Significance of slicing and dicing

Ideally, the true conversion rate for your site may be much greater if you eliminate clients from the segment. However, when it comes to getting out the most out of your analytics package you should never take things at its surface value or as a whole. First, you will need to slice the available data so that you get a more specific view of it. It will help you to dice it and analyze it by applying segments and secondary dimensions.

This is an important aspect because it will provide you more accurate results as these will not be based on averages that are mostly incorrect. Typically, while analyzing a website it will be unwise to consider a few visitors as an average customer as there is no such thing. There is also nothing called an average website experience or an average website visitor. It is either you are able to convince someone to convert or you did not. There is nothing average in it.

Web analytics analysis and research model

When you go ahead with web analytics analysis you must understand that it goes hand-in-hand with the other steps of your research model such as qualitative research. As it is advanced segments may look a bit complicated but once you set up a few proper segments and combine it with your research model you will find that it is easy for you find out the required data quickly. You will need to follow a specific process for this that includes:

  • ·         Creating a proper segment of traffic based purely on the organic search results
  • ·         Comparing it against the demographics of your users with the help of Google Analytics
  • ·         Building a similar segment of the buyers and do the same and
  • ·         Analyze your findings to find a correlation.

Following these steps, you may find that the age groups of your organic traffic typically follow the age of the buyers. You may even find that the buyers skew greatly to a specific age group and on the other hand your organic traffic inclines to another.

Run user surveys

Once you know the above facts, it is time to run a few user surveys. This will help you to get further insights about your customers and their behavior and make proper adjustments in your marketing efforts accordingly.

This the survey report will help you to know what your users want from you and deliver them the right solution that will resolve their issues. Eventually, it will encourage them to make a purchase and in the process, you will be able to turn your visitors into your business prospects. Make sure that you create and use custom reports as that will help you with your web analytics analysis in a great way.

Summing it up

Therefore, in order to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your site, do not get stuck thinking that you have a limited number of reports that Google Analytics will supply you by default. You will be able to make smarter A/B tests that will help you to get accurate results for your website analysis.

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