Instagram Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Instagram Marketing Tips:

As we all know that blogging is the most trending and popular in social media. First of all, we should know what is blogging?

Blogging is your personal website or personal webpage where you update different materials like photos and videos daily. Now you have to promote your blogging on Instagram. So to increase traffic on your website or a blog, you have to connect to Instagram. When you post the link of your blog on your Instagram account, then automatically all of your followers will redirect towards your website or blog.

There are so many tips you should keep in mind when selling what you have to offer customers, brands, and marketers to increase the number of followers. Here are some of them.

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1- Make the Most of Your Bio:

Your Bio should be complete and attractive on Instagram as a blogger. In your Bio, your full name, location, and your business should be clearly mentioned. You should clearly explain what your businesses and what you do as a businessman on Instagram. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you should show your particular skill, profession, hobby, or interest in your bio. People will be interested in your Bio if your bio is strong. Then ultimately the number of followers will increase on your account.

2- Don’t Forget About the Concept of Keywords:

You should be familiar with the concept of keywords in your mind. Keywords increase search quality on Instagram for the average user. Nowadays, there are different marketers and brands who are now using software that drag the photo sharing application when seeking out bloggers of particular niche markets for influencer campaigns. For example, if your niche is fashion, then you should use the keyword “  fashionista” or “style blogger” into your bio. Make sure that you are using the clear URL in your bio so that users are going to give their email, a sale, direct link to buy something.

3- Use the Hashtags Clearly:

Hashtags are a great way to increase your Instagram reach. You should use the hashtags clearly to increase traffic on your blog. You will get a bunch of new followers day by day with the help of right hashtags. Make sure that the hashtags you are using should be relevant to your post. Don’t use too many hashtags in your post. As we all know that there is a limit of using 30 hashtags in one post on Instagram but from my point of view, you should use 5 to 7 hashtags in a single post. For example, if you have a food blog, then you should use the hashtag #foodfun or  #foodmusic, then definitely, people will follow you. Most of the bloggers use the niche hashtags as the niche hashtags are very unique and versatile. You can take help from niche hashtags to invite the number of followers on your Instagram account and ultimately to your blog by linking to your web blog.

4- Follow Other Bloggers and Engage with Their Content

If your content is appealing and attractive, then your account will get notice and the number of followers will increase on Instagram account. To increase the traffic on your blog, you should follow, like, and comment on content shared by users in your blogging niche. If a blogger follows you on Instagram then you should follow him back to increase the reach on your account.

5- share behind the Scene stuff:

When you share behind the same stuff on your Instagram account, some amazing things can happen. Your number of followers will increase on the Instagram account and also the traffic will increase on your blog or website. When you share behind the scene stuff. This can help you to gain trust and loyalty from your followers. You should share behind the scenes of whatever is going on in your business. You can post pictures of your writing, a new post in your favorite coffee shop or short video of your setup up.

6- Promote your Blog through a Call to Action:

Call to action is a great strategy to increase the number of followers on your blog. As we all know that Instagram does not allow hyperlinking on your profile. You can only add a link in your bio. Make sure that the link you are using in your bio must be shorter and it can be shortened with the help of link shortener. For example, if you have a fashion blog, just post pictures of your fashion on Instagram with the shorter link. Your followers will go directly to the blog through that shorter link.

7- Post Product Teaser:

Posting product teaser will help you in selling your product. As we all know, people are always excited about photos and videos on Instagram. If you post product teaser, it will increase excitement within your followers. Then people talk about your products.They start following you on your Instagram account and your blog. Hence, traffic will increase on your blog and you get a new customer through product teaser

8- Over Deliver on the Value, Give, Give, Give:

Make sure that you are providing some form of value to your Instagram account whatever you are sharing whether it’s a powerful photo or a cool and funny video. You should think of creative ways to market your blog and content. So that you are giving great value to your followers. You can post a cool pic of your lunch, your coffee cup. In this way, you can engage your followers by giving something from time to time on your Instagram account. And also make sure to reply to your comments and also like the stuff of your followers so they will stay engaged with you. But if you don’t have time to like your follower’s Stuff then you can automate this process to save your time. Thanks to this amazing Artificial Intelligence Instagram Auto Liker Tool that can automate your liking process with safe organic interaction.

9- Use Instagram Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Blog, or Blog Post:

Promoting ad on Instagram is not expensive at all. You have a choice to post your ad where you want to send people. People will visit your blog true Instagram ads. As you all know that Instagram ads are only visuals like regular posts. You can post an ad in the form of a photo, video, carousel, and stories. You can run the same ad on your Facebook page to drive more traffic to your blog. Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ad that uses the same targeting system.

Final Words:

Instagram is a fast-growing social media network. In this article, you will get some tips as a blogger to promote your blog on Instagram. You should know the art of sharing your blog content on Instagram. You should be unique and creative in sharing your blog content on your Instagram account. Some bloggers share only their blog links on Instagram and some bloggers share a high percentage of unique content on Instagram.

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