Understanding the essentials of debt consolidation laws

There was a time in the old days when a person could rarely be turning on his television or his radio without listening to some form of exciting information about how a good credit settlement company will be able to help them in reducing their debts by almost 50 percent or even more. But, these days’ people are no longer able to listen to these forms of advertisements mostly due to the fact that there are a lot of new laws of debt settlement that are in place to protect the consumers. This article will help you understand how you need to know the basics of debt consolidation laws in order to be working out an effective debt consolidation plan.

What is debt consolidation?

debt consolidation , debt consolidation laws

Prior to understanding more debt consolidation laws, it is essential that you understand what debt consolidation is all about. Debt consolidation is a way of debt settlement that is designed to help bring more and more people out of the harmful effects of being under heavy debts. In most cases, people who are most badly debt-ridden are those, who have taken debts from multiple creditors at a lot of different interest rates with different time durations in which they have to be making the payments. In the event that these people are struggling financially, then they are not able to make these repayments on time and as a result, get sucked into a more dangerous debt trap. Debt consolidation is an absolutely legal way to help such people come out of their debts.

The procedure of debt consolidation involves consolidating all the different loans that you have into a single loan amount which you will need to pay back to a single creditor in a single monthly payment every month. The rate of interest that you have to pay will also be quite less when compared to the rate of interests that you were paying earlier to the multiple creditors. Thus, instead of having to pay to, say, five creditors individual loan repayment amounts of, suppose, 100 dollars every month, you will be now required to pay a single creditor an amount of, say, 300 dollars every month. This amount will also be inclusive of the interest rates which would be applied. Thus, it will help you to save your money also.

Besides this debt consolidation will also help to extend the duration for the loan repayment also.

The responsibility of making the repayments to the individual creditors will now be with the single creditor whom you are paying the amounts. In fact, your old creditors are not going to call and harass you for repayments ever again.

The necessary for the debt consolidation laws

There will be a lot of times when the advertisements will offer people things that they are never going to be getting. In these cases, the people will generally have a really horrible surprise where they find out that the plan that had initially sounded so amazing, was in fact, a lie. In most cases, it means that the company was making certain promises about how they would be quickly reducing the debts of a person by only negotiating a good settlement deal.  There would make plenty of times when the promises that had been made were, in fact, nothing but a bad sales tactic for getting a person to take up the debt consolidation loan. In a lot of times, a lot of customers do not even find out that their company never had any intention of even following through on the things that they had promised until it becomes too late.

When the customers finally realize that they have been duped, it will be taking them plenty of time and also money to get out of the mess. People already will have invested large amounts of money in the plan. There would be others who have finished or completed the debt consolidation program but would have found that a significant amount of money has dropped out completely. Due to these new debt consolidation laws, the companies offering credit settlement will no longer be allowed to make any promises regarding how they would be going to reducing the debt amounts that a person to up to 50 percent. Typically, this would never have been the case also.

What would debt settlement companies do?

A lot of times, the company offering the debt consolidation will not be disclosing the charges and fees which would be coming alongside the procedure. Besides this, a lot of them would even fail to inform the people about how such a procedure would be taking a lot of years to come to successful fruition.  As a result of this, the people would be ending up by paying a lot of amount than what they had initially expected. Some companies would be helping to work out the deals which are 50 percent or lesser than the person’s original debts, but in these cases, the customer would probably be ending up with having to pay large interest amounts to the debt consolidation companies.

Debt consolidation laws

The presence of the new debt settlement laws will prevent the companies from misleading people any more into thinking that their debts can get easily reduced by significant percentages. A company will also be required to declare the exact charges and transactional details. People will now know the exact amount that they are paying to repay the debts and the amount they are paying as interests and fees that they pay to the debt consolidation company. Besides this, they will also learn about the exact time duration in which the loan amounts will get repaid.

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Debt consolidation laws help to protect the rights of the customer from fraudulent companies and help to protect them from making financial blunders. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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