5 Creative Pool Lighting Ideas for This Summer

You will surely require a well-lit swimming pool in your house to continue with the fun even after the sun goes down on the horizon. Pool lighting can be a great way to lift up the ambiance of your backyard though most of the pools at homes have simple lighting installed just for the safety.

To install the lights you can take the professional help from electrician Sydney. You can create a great effect on the aesthetics of your pool with effective pool lighting solutions, and the following 5 ideas will help you a lot.

If you’re building a new pool, now is the time to talk to your pool builder about lighting for your pool’s interior. If you have an existing pool and wish you had given lighting more thought, don’t despair.

You can still install lighting and may not even have to drain the pool to do so. DIY kits are available, but they still need to be wired by an electrician, so it’s probably better to let a pool lighting installer do the job for you or you can also take the help from the emergency electrician Sydney.

When you choose pool lighting, you’ll have a choice between flush mounted lights and surface lights. Flush mounted lights tend to spread light over a narrower area than surface lights, so keep that in mind when you choose your lights or you can even take the suggestions of the renowned electrician Sydney.

# 1. Installing colored lights underwater

The underwater lights can also give your pool some much-required character as these lights also make your swimming pool a place of fun and safety.

A lens or a colored bulb with make your entire pool glow in the dark with whatever hue suits your mood, décor, or even if your pool has only one light that is installed in the deep end through the professional level 2 electrician Sydney.

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You can also make the best use of them to layer in different colors if you have a multitude of lights that are installed in the pool.

You can add some pink lights with subtle touches of orange make the pool seem to reflect sunset, creating an enchanting effect.

# 2. Installation of new lights in new areas

You can also use colored lights in the form of groups for highlighting different sections of water and this is similar to the idea of layering colored lights in your pool. You can also use green lights for your pool, blue at the shallow end and purple for the hot tub.

You can create own atmosphere in every area when you highlight them with lights and this makes the pool a much more captivating one on which you get attracted too while looking down from your balcony.

# 3. Floating Lights

Your pool will be lit dimly if it has a single standard light in the deep end and this is something that is very outdated here. However, if you go with this route, make sure to purchase lighting options that are (of course) water-proof and won’t break easily as you have them installed through the licensed electrician Sydney.

# 4. Lights AROUND Your Pool

You need to create the space for additional light in your pool if they do not have enough light that is around the walkway. Poolside lighting is a smart move for preventing accidents – most notably, slipping on water or pool toys.

Installing bollards or pathway lights on the outskirts of your poolside path are ideal options for ensuring safe night swimming.

However, if you just want a nice evening-time decoration, you could simply surround your pool with candle-lit lanterns. But we don’t recommend the latter option if you’re using your pool that night, or if you have kids playing outside.

# 5. Lights ABOVE Your Pool

If you’re lacking light in more outdoor areas than just your poolside, light strings are a perfect all-in-one lighting solution. Hanging light strings across your backyard will provide light to your pool, as well as walkways, patios, and more all at once.

We recommend using commercial light strings for the brightest, most all-around light, but if you have regular Christmas lights, those would work just as well.

Moreover, light strings are especially useful (and decorative) on nights when you’re hosting a backyard event or pool party.

Browse our Pool Design Ideas pages and you’ll see dozens of examples of pool lighting. As you look at the photos, imagine what the pools and pool areas would look like without lighting.

Then look at the lighting placement and you’ll see why well-designed pool lighting is so important. If you’ve invested in a pool, it’s worth investing in pool lighting, too.

You’ll enjoy your pool more, both when you’re in the pool and when you’re admiring it from your home or patio.

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