How to Use Instagram for Achieving Business Success

Instagram is presently regarded as the most popular social media platform that is gaining traction by the day and has achieved the fastest and incredible growth over the years. Its monthly active users have gone from just 600 million to over 1 billion in 2019. Instagram is the ultimate destination to head for businesses, big or small. This is the right marketing tool for businesses to fulfill their aims and aspirations.

But with a boost in attention, there is an equivalent interest from companies that means there is cut-throat competition on this popular social media platform and companies are vying for consumer attention within the popular Instagram feed itself.

Are you thinking of putting more emphasis on Instagram in 2019? If yes, here are a few proactive steps to take for optimizing your Instagram presence and ensuring that you take the maximum advantage of this versatile social networking site. You must have browsed through the Internet last year to learn how to use Instagram for business 2018, but with the advent of another fresh new year, experts have realized that there have been many modifications on this platform and you need to tweak your Instagram marketing strategy accordingly. However, some tips are tried and tested and would remain in focus as long as Instagram rules the roost.

Perfect Use of Branded Hashtags

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Branded hashtags help in improving your organization’s discoverability and also, helps consumers in connecting over shared values and common interests. As per Simply Measured study posts that are having a minimum of one hashtag would be averaging 12.6% more engagement as compared to those posts that come without hashtags. You must realize that the most competent and effective hashtags are supposed to be easy to use and catchy.

Ideally, hashtags must serve as mini CTAs. Instagram has always encouraged the use of hashtags in a big way. Hashtags have been instrumental in expanding your reach and broadening your horizon. Today, you have the liberty to incorporate as many as 30 hashtags into a single post. However, you need to consider another important parameter from December 2018. Today Instagram users are able to follow precise hashtags with profiles implying that they could be keeping track of specific relevant conversations simply by using hashtags.

The capability of the following hashtags gives an all-new perspective to your Instagram strategy considerations. You are presently having another way to access a new audience by utilizing targeted hashtags. There is another effective way of expanding your brand messaging simply by promoting all your branded tags.

As per, you could have easy access to a plethora of hashtag ideas on basically the Explore page and also, through the use of some specialized monitoring tools meant for social media. Avoid mimicking social trends just for the heck of it because it may end up causing damage and harm to your brand. You need to remember that trending hashtags should be used sparingly and with your usual string of industry-specific and branded hashtags for avoiding any backlash. Do not forget that trend hijacking could be a total failure if you are not considering the trend’s underlying sentiment and you just go on to leverage it for gaining more followers.

Seamless Assimilation of Direct Messages

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This seems to be slightly more complicated; however, statistics do not lie. More and more individuals over time are effectively interacting with direct messages on Instagram along with messaging apps in a much broader sense. Today most people are using quick, free, and fun options of direct messaging such as WhatsApp and Google Hangouts even though businesses are trying to stay loyal to social media networks. Examine the viability of Facebook Messenger for businesses. Even though Facebook still remains the king, as far as, social media is concerned; one of the closest contenders appears to be Instagram’s direct messaging platform.

We understand the Direct Messaging is already used effectively by over 500 million active users on this platform. Messaging usage seems to be gaining traction faster as compared to social media platform engagement. Keeping this vital fact in mind, Instagram must try and incorporate more ways of utilizing its versatile messaging capacity. Therefore, the increased focusing and emphasis on DMs indicates a golden opportunity for smart and savvy marketers to integrate their interactions across relatively more direct connection tools.

Maintain Visual Consistency

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Even though Instagram has gone through a dramatic change or radical transformation during the past couple of years or so, it is of critical importance to remember that it is even today, predominantly a visual social media platform. It is extremely important to pay attention to the composition of your pictures and focus on visual consistency as well while posting. Having a well-defined visual stratagem is the key to be successful and gain a competitive edge. You must learn the best practices of picture composition and explore the types of formats and layouts that would be working best and effectively within your niche.

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Putting emphasis on imaginative and creative pictures and most definitely an amazing composition would go a long way in boosting your Instagram performance. It could prove to be far more enticing to shift your focus if necessary to newer tools such as Instagram stories. But again keeping or maintaining a fundamental visual approach for achieving optimal success.

Automate Using Software

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It would be taking substantial time and endeavors for building a robust Instagram presence. You could be automating this entire process. Effective automation could ensure getting new content posts precisely when you wish, irrespective of your online presence. You could employ automation for commenting and liking on posts.

Create a Specific Brand Theme Including Color Palette

The perfect brand theme could add an elegant cohesive feel directly to your page. In this connection, we know that a brand theme is actually a set of guidelines which would be determining how precisely your brand is demonstrated on your particular Instagram for a business page. It would be including effective elements like acceptable tones, colors, photo styles, fonts, and more. This theme is reinforced by your own color palette that should essentially reflect the value and personality of the brand.


Instagram may not have to be complicated and overpowering. If you dedicate the right resources but with a small bit of planning you could help attain the maximum possible ROIs for each and every post. All your efforts would be culminating in your new customers, brand loyalty, and definitely, greater engagement.

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