Which Hair Color To Choose For The Season?

If you were a season, would you rather be spring, summer, fall or winter? The answer does not only depend on your ethnic background or your complexion: knowing the hair color that suits you best is valuable information. After all, no woman wants to look tired, pale or older because of a bad choice of hair coloring. Discover the nuances that will sublimate not only your hairstyle but also your face.

What color to choose for spring skin?

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Complexion: pale, transparent, drawing on walleye or peachy pink. The skin blushes easily and is prone to freckles.

Eye color: clear, from blue to green. The iris is often animated with small golden spots.

Hair color: generally blond, but sometimes dark or red.

The appropriate hair coloring: Nature has adorned your hair with beautiful golden highlights. Forget the shades of gray and prefer the warm colors: golden blond, blond linen, honey blonde, golden brown or coppery. You can opt for light red hues such as golden red or Venetian blond. Warm, light brown to medium brown shades work equally well. Avoid especially colors too dark. The Snow White look, it only works on cold complexions.

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Which color to choose for summer skin?

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Complexion: pale pink, with bluish to purple reflections.

Eye color: usually blue, blue-green, gray-blue or green; sometimes brown with blue, gray or green spots.

Hair color: naturally blond or brown. Their ashy base is sometimes a little dull.

Hair coloring adapted: silver locks or platinum blond wakes a color lacking in brightness. Darker streaks of one to two shades will also create highlights in your hair.

If you are ready to choose a color for your hair, ash blond, ash brown, and platinum blond are your colors. For those who prefer a red hue, the latter must draw on the blue, for example with burgundy or mauve reflections. Escape from russets with mahogany, copper or golden blonde reflections: they will only make you grow old.

Which color to choose for autumn skins?

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Complexion: from very clear to intensely tanned, but always drawing on golden yellow. Autumnal skin often presents with freckles. Not common, this type of skin is found in some people of African, Asian or Southern European origin.

Eye color: all shades of green, blue and turquoise. Light blue eyes are rarer.

Hair color: dark brown or brown with red highlights, or red with coppery mahogany highlights.

Hair coloring: sublimate your natural color with warm red and coppery hues. All warm browns like golden brown, coppery gold or chestnut. If you absolutely want to become blonde and thin your hair, put on shades golden blonde, because the blond ash is not suitable for this type of skin. Alternatively, opt for blond golden or coppery red highlights. Beware, however, blonde highlights, unflattering because of their artificial appearance.

Which color to choose for winter skin?

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Complexion: very clear, even porcelain, to the point of sometimes distinguishing the pale green shade of the blood vessels. In all cases, this type of skin has bluish and gold reflections. Very widespread in the world, it concerns many people of African, Asian and Southern European descent.

Eye color: dark brown, gray, ice blue or intense green. The color contrasts sharply with the whites of the eyes.

Hair color: naturally black to dark blue, or brown to dark brown.

Hair coloring adapted: as the hair has naturally warm shades, it is usually sufficient to reveal their shine. If you want to accentuate your natural color, give it a bluish black gloss color, or opt for aubergine or mahogany reflections. The colorations in the same tone as your natural hair will highlight their beauty while making them brighter. You can also hire beauty experts at home.

Warning: lightening dark hair often produces undesirable red highlights. Forget also the locks: they will shoot the red after fading and you will grow old. If you want to lighten your hair, go for shades of gray. In any case, avoid golden yellow shades as they dull the radiance of the skin.

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