This Is How You Easily Clean Your Airpods

Apple’s AirPods headphones are anything but cheap, so of course, you want to have something of them for as long as possible. An important point is the cleaning or the care because this not only keeps the listeners clean but also always enjoys the best quality. One should not overdo it, however, both the technology inside and the plastic are each sensitive in their own way. Running water, for example, would be the death for the AirPods. So that everything stays healthy in the end, you should simply consider the following procedures.

The utensils

  • damp microfibre cloth
  • dry microfibre cloth
  • isopropyl alcohol (at least 70 percent)
  • car washes
  • cotton buds
  • compressed air
  • toothpick

Important: You do not need all things in every process.

Clean the surface of the headphones

If the case is dirty, then you should first try it with the damp microfiber cloth including warm water. If this is not enough, then you can help with a wax-free car shampoo or glass cleaner. Dish soap is an absolute no-go and would leave only a lubricating film.

Close the openings

It’s no secret that dirt and earwax accumulating in the openings over time. And since the AirPods have several holes, regular cleaning is extremely important for the sound quality. In the first step, you can try it with compressed air, that is no longer enough, then the cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol are used. Simply hold the stick in the alcohol and clean the openings. You have to be very quick, because the drying time is very short. Very important: The cotton bud must not be drowned by isopropyl alcohol and it must not drip at all. At the end again ran with compressed air and everything should be clean again.

Toothpick yes, metallic objects no

If you have a steady hand and work well, you can do it with a toothpick. Then simply blow away or take the compressed air spray again in your hand. In principle, plastic objects are also suitable for this cleaning process; only metallic objects should be dispensed with. Otherwise, the plastic can scratch faster than you think.

Disinfect the AirPods

The isopropyl alcohol can also be used to disinfect the AirPods. Just hold a small piece of cloth in the liquid and go over the case. Once everything has dried, clean with a dry microfiber cloth.

The procedure can also be applied to the charging case. If you already have a microfibre cloth, you should leave it at that. If the dirt is more persistent, the alcohol helps effectively. Incidentally, the dirt on the charging plug can be removed with a clean toothbrush or a dry brush.

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