Does Offline Branding have Space in SEO ?

The Internet has now become an overwhelming force which can drive a business to the peak of success within a matter of days. It allows anyone to spread his business to every nook and cranny of the world.

But does this mean that offline marketing has died down completely?

Has it lost its relevancy?

Internet speed has increased exponentially over the last few years and has become accessible to every average joe in the world.

No matter how different the offline and online market feels, it’s one seamless experience for the customer.

Someone might check out his social media feed in the middle of binge-watching his favorite T.V series or notice a billboard while driving their car.

Offline and online market coexist together and competes with each other rigorously.

Impacts of Offline Branding

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Offline marketing if implemented can have a huge impact on online searches.

Where do you think customers get their first exposure to a brand or a service?

It’s offline marketing that plays an important part here. In other words, offline branding can improve your site’s or business’s ranking on the internet tremendously. It is true that television, print or outdoor media don’t hold the reach they used to have a few years back but they still take up a lion’s share of a company’s marketing budget.

Some figures states, 90% of marketing spends are apportioned to offline channels while online accounts for 10% of the total budget. Television still continues to provide an unparalleled reach, scale, and brand visibility.

In a survey, 44% of people claimed that advertisement on television was their base for considering a purchase. Even the credibility of the print media can’t be challenged as a reputable newspaper or magazines lends gravitas to the brands advertised in their publication. Even advertising on the cyberspace can’t provide the same exposure as those offline methods.

Brand Image

Offline branding can have a lot of impact on the online world. Earlier google considered the backlinks to a site as a way to test a site’s credibility and to provide it rank on the search results page. However, with recent algorithm updates, Google is now taking brand searches into consideration. Thus, more brand searches can help you improve your site’s ranking on the results page.

This means that when a user searches for a particular keyword (or your brand name) and proceeds with the search by clicking on your website Google considers it as a “brand search”. Brand search establishes a connection between that particular search term and your domain, and the number of such connections is used to modify the number of inbound links and implied links pointing to your domain. Here the brand image plays a very crucial role as more relevant your brand is in the offline market the more brand searches you get.

Consumers more likely tend to get exposure to a brand through offline means rather than online. So, if your brand has good reach and image in the real world, its sure to be a success in the cyber market too.

Start Online; Go Offline

The greatest advantage of the Internet is measurability as it can be utilized to measure both online and offline activity. Online channels can not only be used for market research but also to integrate online and offline activities. Brands can get feedback from the consumer base through online polls and surveys and shape their offline marketing activities.

Having consumer feedbacks can greatly help you develop and improve your marketing tactics and strategies that can play a significant role in building a brand. After getting your brand image up and running on the online market it’s now time to shine in the offline world. In other word, offline branding will now matter more than ever to polish your online image. Even an unusual TV ad or a video uploaded on a not so prominent site can increase your chances of getting online mentions and shares improving the brand image.

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Offline branding can even have a lot of effects on consumer behavior patterns. It can increase both online and offline sales for your brand. This backs up the notion that that online and offline markets integrate to produce a seamless shopping experience.

Keep Multiple channels

Having multiple channels can be a beneficial strategy as customers do not make the decision to purchase based on a single ad or mention in a medium. Thus, having multiple channels spread across the online and offline world can increase your chances of selling a product.

New channels create new paths to reach consumers and these paths-online and offline must work hand in hand to achieve the marketing objectives.

Building a Strong Offline Brand


Your marketing strategy can play a crucial role in building your brand on both offline and online channels. You should always channels-offline, online- are nothing but mediums of communication or conduits to achieve your marketing objective and it ultimately boils down to your marketing strategy.

 Efficient use of Channels

You can make use of various channels either online or offline to encourage your customer to visit the company website or your business outlet. Ideally, it works by making use of various channels like newspaper, billboard or online ads efficiently pointing to each other as consumers will most likely be compelled to at least to give your service a try after getting so much exposure to the brand.

 Create a Brand Logo

Never underestimate the importance of a brand logo as it’s the first image that pops up in a customer’s mind when they consider your brand. Design a brand logo that leaves a long-lasting impression in your customer’s mind and can be seamlessly displayed across both online and offline channels.

Thus, you can see offline medium still holds relevancy in the market and can wonder-working hand in hand with online channels.

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