What is the best app store for Android?

The Android device will always have the Google Play store with it by default. Sometimes we have to think of an alternative solution to come up with, which can replace the Google play store. The main reason for it is you have to download certain apps by paying an extra amount, you have to pay for the in-app purchases. So, in that case, we suggest you choose these five alternative apps. Some app suggestions will allow you to download each and every app for free. Also, you can download apps for the Apple devices also. Some of the apps will not even require the registration process also. Let us have a look at the device. Before downloading the apps, we assist you to stick to the below guidelines. It will protect you from the problems that you face with the downloading process.

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Things to consider when downloading alternative apps for the Google Play store.

 app store for Android , alternative apps for the Google Play

  1. First of all, navigate to the settings.
  2. Go to the security tab.
  3. Find the option of unknown sources.
  4. Check that option.
  5. Now you can download any alternative app for Google Play store easily.

AC Market app

This is an alternative play store app that you obviously should have. You will find lots of apps, games, mods and so many interesting and attractive apps also. The interface of the app is very much similar to the Google play store app. This app is kind of a cracked version of the play store. Why we are saying that is you can have all the apps for free. Even apps that you cannot find in the play store.

Freestore app

This app is an application which has the ability to make the users download the paid apps for free, straightly from the play store. You can download the apps and the games for free.

APK Pure app

This works as one of the best alternatives for the Google Play store app. You will get a good and a wide collection of apps when you compare to the Google play store. It is indeed with a similar type of interface also. You get some important and attractive categories also. You can find the top rated apps in a separate category and also the popular apps and the games in the respective categories.

BlackMart app

The app contains so many apps where you cannot find in the Google Play store. You can find so many third party apps with this best Google alternative app.

Aptoide app

This is the most practical app which was created as the Google Alternative. You will find that the interface and the content of the app is way easier to navigate and to interact with. In simple words, the users of the app will experience an easy time using the app. The users will find a separate section for the updates. The color combination of the app is also cool.

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