Is An Assessment Centre Effective For Recruitment? What Should You Know As First Time Users?

Assessment centres are playing a key role in recruitment programs today. More and more businesses are using these centres to ensure that they make the right and productive recruitment. There is no denial that assessment centres are accruing a lot of appreciation and regard for being so instrumental in the present world of cut-throat competition. If you ask the recruiters and human resource departments, you would come across their miraculous experiences with the concept of assessment centres.

These assessment and development centres for hiring are proving a turning point in the world of recruitments. These have opened up new avenues for both the candidates and the recruiters.  Both recruiters and candidates cannot raise a finger or anything because everything is carried out in front of everyone. There is no partiality involved and whoever performs better gets the job. However, there are some tips for the first time users of assessment centres. Keep on reading to find some tips below:

Preparation will write success for you

This is the most significant, most fundamental tip that you can get.  Being the recruiters you have to be careful about everything. You have to make sure that all the exercises that the candidates have to go through are properly designed and have no loopholes.  You have to do proper preparation of everything. Find out what you would do, how the tasks will be performed, will it be in groups or individuals and many other things. If you have all these things in mind beforehand, you can manage the tasks and exercises in the most effective and Efficient manner. What is the point if even the best exercises of assessment center turn out to be a nightmare for you because of lack of preparation? Come on, there has to be clarity about everything that would happen during the assessment center exercises. If you are a team of ten recruiters make sure everybody is on the same page. If there are any doubts in the mind, the tasks can be on the losing end.

Keep the specific job roles in mind

When you are recruiting the candidates and using the assessment centre for it; make sure that everything is circled around the job roles you are recruiting for. The exercises should be job oriented. If the exercises are not as per the job requirements, their affectivity would stand null. The point is that you should talk to the seniors that are working on the similar roles in your business. Allow them to help you in designing your exercises for the recruitment of candidates. In this way you can use the real life instances, problems and actions in the exercises.

Once you have an exercise wherein a candidate has to play a role of the designation he is in the recruitment program, you would get to know about how he or she would be in the future. You would also know whether they would be worthy or not.  You can have such an exercise of hours, a day or so. In this way the candidate has to perform all the actions and duties that the job holder has on his shoulders. He has to make the decisions, delegate the duties, prepare the presentations and do all the other tasks that are required. In this way you would get a chance to see him or her performing in the role they are hunting for.

The decisions these candidates make during their role play exercise would say a lot about their understanding of things, potential and calibre. Being the recruiters you would know how well the person can perform and what their weaknesses and strengths are. Who knows the candidate makes such a decision that might turn out to be a breath of fresh air for your business? You never know these real time tasks get some amazing ideas or results for your business otherwise too.

Confidence and behaviour

It is always easy to say that you are confident and you have great behaviour.  But he challenging part is to prove it. When you are under burden or pressure only then your true colors comes to light. Here, during these real life challenges and job role problems, the recruitment team would know about the behavior of the candidates. Certainly how they act to a problem, what their reaction will be and other things will make or mar their chances of getting the job.

And if you think that the candidates can fake to be great and positive during the assessment centre then you are wrong. There is no one or two exercises; there are plenty of exercises back to back. The candidates would get no time to strategize. Even if they make a plan, it would not have a long breath. After all, the exercises are designed by professionals who know it all.  And never to forget that these exercises are followed by a personal interview too.

The presentations that the employees have to make and conduct in the present time say everything about them. Of course, a candidate cannot say that he or she is not able to make a presentation. It would not be wrong to state that every department in the business and organizations these days demand presentations. You have to nail it or you would be in bad spot. The candidates have to make the presentations, state the points in the effective manner and eloquently delver it. The presentation will reveal about their confidence. Remember being the recruiters you are not hunting for the perfection but for excellence and overall attitude.  Even if you ask a question to the candidate during the presentation that is tricky and you know it; you have to seek for good and tactic response from the candidate and not the exact answer. You have to find out how anxious the candidate got or how confidently he dealt with that trick on him.


So, using an assessment centre in your recruitment program or at the time of promotion is a promising thing to do. You must give this concept a chance and you won’t be disappointed if you execute it well.

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