Most Beautiful Wives of Manchester City Players

Football is a sports game that has conquered millions of people around the world. Annual tournaments, interstate and inter-club competitions attract the attention of an uncountable number of TV viewers, and those people who wanted to see the match with their own eyes, feel the team spirit and hear the voice of the crowd, and for the fulfillment of their desires purchased a ticket to a game of their favorite team or national team. We cannot forget about millions of people who enjoy watching football via the Internet; their number is truly stunning. As you know, team sports are the most popular; psychologists argue that this fact can be explained with the help of several arguments.

Firstly, during the game, intrigue is constantly preserved; in the historical annals of sports, there are a large number of examples when a team got the victory despite the fact they’ve been completely destroyed in the first half. This is the true spirit of football: always getting back on your feet and fighting back. Thus, it is extremely fascinating to watch; there isn’t anything like it, whether we talk your regular sports, fighting, or e-sports. Secondly, it is always interesting to follow the interactions between the players; you can forget that they are all human; they have their own feelings, and they can be hurt by what’s happening. Thirdly, a football match is always a big event. Large advertising billboards of famous companies, such as Calvin Klein, playing with lights, create a festive atmosphere about each and every match.

Football is the sport of the world; it is the longest running and the best game that humanity has ever created, and it seems like there is no end to its popularity, at least not anytime soon.

England is the birthplace of football and occupies a leading position in the popularity rating between the countries of the European continent. By the way, this sport is recognized as being national in the kingdom itself. That is why, at present, more than forty thousand football clubs are officially registered in the country. And among them, of course, there is the world-famous club, Manchester City.

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What hasn’t been said about Manchester City at this point? They have won 5 EPL championships and 7 EFL championships, not to mention 5 FA Cup and 6 Football League Cup wins. They have been one of the key teams of the EPL throughout the years, they never missed a step and were constantly pushing their limits to become stronger. The last few years were especially productive for them, as they have won the EPL Competitions in 2014 and 2018, while being the runner-ups in 2013 and 2015.

So, with that long intro out of the way, today we will talk about the most beautiful companions of football players of Manchester City.

Goalkeeper. Carla Pardo

 Beautiful Wives

Wife of the Man City’s goalkeeper Claudio Bravo takes a well-deserved place on our team. Firstly, Carla Pardo is a beauty, and secondly, they have known each other since school years, and such long-term relationships in the modern world deserves respect and admiration. It was Carla who helped the Chilean goalkeeper of the Manchester City to escape his depression after the unsuccessful debut for a new club in England.

Left back. Clarice Sales

 Beautiful Wives

The wife of the Brazilian newcomer to Man City, Danilo Silva, did not really want her husband to move from warm Madrid to the back wall of the refrigerator, as she called Manchester. But when she found out how much her husband would get payed in the “refrigerator”, she immediately took her words back. Well, at least it seems like she is fine with her husband’s decision.

Central back. Carla Kompany

 Beautiful Wives

Captain of the Man City Vincent Kompany met his wife Carla way back when he was a part of the German Hamburg. And, by the way, if we are to believe the girl’s confessions, it was she who caused her then boyfriend to move to Man City, because she had long been a fan of this club. Carla’s maiden name is Higgs, and she is English.

I think that Manchester City, at least this team we’ve got here, lacks a serious and strong Slavic woman. She will be the defender that this team clearly needs. If you are into Slavic women, then be sure to check out this single Russian dating site; don’t miss out on an opportunity like that!

Central back. Millie Savage

 Beautiful Wives

The girl of one of the best defenders in the world, John Stones, is his longtime love, Millie. Not so long ago, John, according to the English media, got on the list of football players who cheated on their wives, but, as was the case with another well-known defender John Terry, Stones and Savage reconciled, and the football player even tattooed his hand with the image of the beloved woman.

Right back. Annie Kilner

 Beautiful Wives

She is a beautiful girlfriend of Kyle Walker, she is also a well-known model in Britain. So, this summer, Man City gained not only a strong right back, but also strong support for the team.

Defensive midfielder. Glaucia Roza

The faithful wife of Fernandinho, who has been with her husband for more than ten years. Both Ferna and Glaucia are great admirers of the Bible and the Christian way of life. It was faith and wife who saved the Brazilian from a riotous lifestyle in his youth, when he almost ruined his football talent and career.

Central midfielder. Michel de Bruyne

 Beautiful Wives

The Man City star Kevin De Bruyne made his proposal to his wife Michel under the Eiffel Tower during a romantic trip to Paris. How could she refuse him after that?

Right midfielder. Alicia Verrando

 Beautiful Wives

The girlfriend of Bernardo Silva, Alicia worked as a consultant for one of the business projects related to the former player’s club – Monaco. That is how the footballer and the business woman met. And now they are moving to Albion together.

Left midfielder. Paige Milian

 Beautiful Wives

She is the girlfriend of the once most expensive English football player, who had already become the mother of two of his children. Sterling is only 22 years old, and his wife is 21, what a successful couple these two are.

Forward. Lais Moraes

A rather rare situation happened with one of the forwards in our team. The fact is that we didn’t weren’t able to find a woman for this position in accordance with the position of their husband (boyfriend). In the City, there are only two actual forwards, and one of them – Gabriel Jesus, who still gives the salary to his mother and does not officially date anyone. So, we decided to cheat a bit with this one and stick in the wife of goalkeeper Ederson Moraes, a girl by the name of Lais. I mean, she is quite a beauty, we simply weren’t able to ignore her.

Forward. Karina Tejeda

 Most Beautiful Wives

After parting with the daughter of Diego Maradona, Sergio Aguero switched to another woman – the more famous girl in Argentina – singer Karina Tejeda. The couple has been dating for more than two years and, apparently, they are both quite happy with their relationship.

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